Photo Credit: Israel Police
Knife found in the bag of a female terrorist at the Kalandia checkpoint. July 26, 2016

Just like in France, the Islamic terror attacks are also continuing in Israel.

An 18-year-old female Arab terrorist approached the Kalandia checkpoint and began running towards to the guards in the vehicle lane, according to the police.


The guards yelled at her to stop, but she didn’t. When she got too close to them, the guards shot her in the legs.

A knife was found in her bag. Lucky for the guards, who waited until she was close, that she wasn’t carrying a bomb in the bag instead.

The neutralized terrorist was taken to the hospital in light to moderate condition.

There’s now some rioting going on at the checkpoint, but the Border Police have it under control.

The Kalandia checkpoint separates the Binyamin region from northern Jerusalem.


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  1. Something is fishy here. The knife was in her bag, not her hand. Was she desperate to die? She was running towards an armed person, but she posed no overt threat. She had a knife, so I wonder what she was really trying to do. She might be just mentally ill. I can not call her a terrorist at this point.

  2. Irrelevant what her motives were. And, as the article points out, she WAS an over threat – our precious soldiers had no way of knowing WHAT was in her bag before she was neutralized. Maybe they should have waited and hoped she wanted to hug them?

  3. David Jacobs That would be a swing and a miss. You didn't understant what I said. I am pointing out what could have wasn't what happened. There is no mention of a threat made by her. She had a knife, but it was in her purse, not her hand. It seemed to have worked out, but I can't be sure. I think she may have been mentally ill, and not have intended to harm anybody. But, at this point, it is moot.

  4. This requires some explination. Most of the female knife attackers fall into three catagories:
    Those that are terminaly sick do it to get killed so that their family will receave a cash payment from the Palastine Authority (actually the money comes from the USA tresurey or the EU tresurey).
    Those who are handicaped or mentally deficent; knowing that their family will get a one time payment if killed or monthly payments if they are inprisoned.
    Those females who have been told that they will be killed by a family "honor killing". Again they attack the Jews so that their family will receave cash payments, provided by the USA or by the EU.

  5. David Jacobs You understood running toward a person is an overt threat. That could be true. It could be false. But a grown man could easily defend himself without a weapon from most teen girls. And, if he wasn't alone at the time, he should have used his hands, not his gun. That's what you are missing.

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