It was just a few short years ago that the Left were scoffing at the rest of Israel following the court’s decision to override the army and allow PA traffic on Road 443. Normal Israelis said that PA Arabs would once again use their access to this main highway for terror attacks.

The highway had been closed to PA traffic after several Jewish drivers had been shot at by PA Arabs.


And of course, soon after the highway was reopened, the stones once again began to fall.

On Monday afternoon, multiple firebombs were thrown at vehicles on Road 443 near Ofer Prison, according to a Tazpit report.

No injuries or damage were reported.

Road 443 is a main highway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.



  1. If I were to share this Post, I would have to explain for those of my less informed friends that it is not the Route 443 that we have around here. I’m afraid they wouldn’t fully read it and then the whole thing would just get out of hand. It’s sad but true. This disgusts me. There is no regard for human life but, if it were one of their friends or family members that this were happening to, there would be calls for retaliation of the highest level. SMH

  2. Again we see that liberal ideology should not be a basis for the intervention of the Israeli Supreme Court in decisions taken for reasons of security. Of course this includes personal security of people living in southern Tel Aviv from illegal immigrants. The total lack of responsibility of the Court allows it to make irresponsible decisions.

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