Photo Credit: Yossi Zeliger / Flash 90
An Eilat beach. May 13, 2022

Summer in the Holy Land is heating up with meteorologists forecasting a major heat wave that is expected to scorch the State of Israel this week by Wednesday.

Temperatures are expected to reach between 35 to 37 degrees Celsius (95 to 99 Fahrenheit) in the mountains, 36 to 38 (97 to 100) in the lowlands and Negev, and between 43 and 45 degrees (109-113 F) around Lake Kinneret, along the Jordan Valley and in the Aravah. Temperatures are only expected to hit between 32 and 33 degrees (90 to 91) in the coastal plain – but with the area’s typical high humidity. Think: steam bath.


Israelis are being advised to keep a “weather eye” out for their elderly friends, family and neighbors.

Parents are being warned to pay attention when they leave their vehicles to ensure no one is left behind.

And folks, keep those water bottles handy: even during seasonal weather, it’s easy to dehydrate in Israel in the summer. During a heat wave, that risk moves to a new level.

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