The Israel-Cyprus-Greece Triangle Progresses on The Great Sea Interconnector

The underwater electric cable project (The Great Sea Interconnector) will connect the local electricity grid to the European grid through Cyprus and Greece.

Israel and Cyprus Move Forward on Underwater Electric Cable Plan

The submarine electric cable project (The Great Sea Interconnector) will connect Israel’s electricity grid to Cyprus and from there to Greece, and to the European electricity grid.

Israel and Greece Increase Energy Cooperation

“We are connecting Israel to Europe through Greece, diversifying Europe’s energy sources in the midst of the energy crisis and strengthening Israel’s position in the region.”

Al Akhbar: Israel Ready to Block Hamas Attempts to Smuggle Hostages via the Rafah...

Al Akhbar reports that a Gaza-Cyprus crossing will replace all the existing crossings, under British supervision.

Cyprus-Gaza Maritime Corridor to Replace Israeli Land Crossings

"The international community must understand that what was will not be. The creation of a maritime corridor to Gaza will help Israel's economic disengagement from the Strip.

Cyprus and Mossad Thwart Iranian Terror Attacks on Israelis

Since the outbreak of the war, many Israelis have gone to stay in Cyprus, believing it to be a safer option.

Winds of Nakba 2: PA Premier Wants Humanitarian Corridor from Gaza to Cyprus

The idea of shipping thousands of Arabs from Gaza to anywhere else in the world has been suggested by many on the right in Israel.

One Arrested After Bombing Near Israel’s Embassy in Cyprus

Cyprus police report finding shrapnel as close as 30 meters from the embassy.

Hundreds of Israelis Stranded by Storm Daniel in Greece

The Israelis have encountered multiple difficulties caused by power outages, collapsed bridges and damaged roads.

India Seeks to Join Israel-Cyprus-Greece Alliance

The announcement came during a trilateral summit held in Nicosia.

Israel to Ink Major Energy Deal With Cyprus and Greece

Israel is poised to finalize an energy deal with Greece and Cyprus which will include a mammoth electricity project connecting the power grids of the three countries, and a potential future regional natural gas pipeline between the eastern Mediterranean allies.

Netanyahu Meets with Cypriot President in Nicosia, Lauds Strengthened Relations

The two leaders are to be joined by their Greek counterpart for a trilateral meeting on production and transport of natural gas in the region.

Netanyahu Arrives in Cyprus for Trilateral Energy Meeting

The prime minister said the meeting in Cyprus will "focus on the eastern natural gas pipeline or a liquefaction plant in Cyprus."

Israel Sends ‘Wings of Fire’ Relief Mission to Fight Wildfires in Cyprus

Approximately two weeks ago, an earlier mission returned from Operation Firebirds, in which Israel assisted Greece in extinguishing huge wildfires in several regions.

Netanyahu Delays Trips to Cyprus, Turkey Following Surgery

Netanyahu underwent a cardiac pacemaker implantation procedure at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan overnight Saturday.

Israeli Firefighters Deploy to Fight Wildfires in Greece

Firefighting teams are arriving to help from Poland, Romania and Slovakia in addition to those from Israel. Firefighters from Italy and France are already on site.

Hatzalah EMT on Cyprus Vacation Saves British Tourist

"The defibrillator's voice prompts were in Greek, which added a stressful element to the situation..."

Iranian Attack on Israelis in Cyprus Thwarted

Although they foiled the attack, the Cypriot authorities failed to arrest the main suspect.

Nicosia Seeks Partner for Plan to Ship Cypriot, Israeli Gas to Europe

The proposal includes a pipeline between the two countries' offshore rigs.

IAI Acquires Greek Defense Company Intracom Defense

The newly acquired Greek company specializes in the production of missile launchers, missile subsystems, land and sea tactical communications, hybrid generation, and more.

Largest Cypriot Airline Banned from Lebanese Airspace Over Israeli Shareholder

"The implications of this ban are fairly limited in practice, since Lebanese airspace wouldn’t even be used for most of TUS Airways’ routes."

Greece Signs Contract to Acquire Rafael’s ‘Spike’ Missile System from Israel

Spike anti-tank guided missiles are precise electro-optical missiles that incorporate advanced technology and can be launched from around 45 platforms from land, air, and sea.

Greece, Mossad Foil Terror Cell Plans to Attack Israelis

The terrorists allegedly planned to attack a Jewish synagogue that also functions as a restaurant in central Athens.

Couple Organizing Haredi Settlement in Cyprus – Talmud Says It’s Part of Eretz Yisrael

Somebody should warn Haredi folks about Violent incidents, bag snatching, and pickpocketing in Cyprus.

Construction to Start on ‘Electricity Highway’ Connecting Israel, Cyprus and Greece

The EuroAsia Interconnector submarine power cable will link the countries' grids and provide Israel with a reliable way to export natural gas in the form of electric power.

Israeli Surgeons Save Life of Premature Syrian Baby

Bringing the baby to Israel was no simple matter because Israel and Syria have no diplomatic relations.

Greek Synagogue Restored to its Former Glory After 82 Years

Three-day celebration marks the return of the house of worship.

Cyprus to Purchase Iron Dome from Israel

It’s not yet clear how many Iron Dome batteries will be included in the sale, nor has a delivery date been released.

Record-Breaking Temperatures Threaten Europe, Mediterranean, New York & New Jersey

The British government declared a national “state of emergency” in response to the weather conditions.

IDF Special Forces Training in Cyprus to Fight Hezbollah

Last year's Chariots of Fire exercise was canceled by the start of an 11-day mini-war with Hamas later named as Operation Guardian of the Walls.


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