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A terrorist with the Islamic Jihad terror organization in Gaza died after his terror tunnel collapsed on him today, according to Arab sources on Social Media.

Seven other Islamic Jihad members in the tunnel were saved in a rescue operation that took 3 hours.


The dead Gazan man was identified as Ibrahim Al-Masri (28) from Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigade.

According to Israel’s Galei Tzahal radio, the terror tunnel was located near the Erez border crossing, which is at the northern end of Gaza.

This is the first time that it’s been publicized that an Islamic Jihad tunnel collapsed.

As an aside, the last name “al-Masri” indicates that the Gaza man’s family had originally emigrated from Egypt.

Islamic Jihad terrorist Ibrahim Al-Masri

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  1. WHO spent 3hrs "rescuing" them?
    What is the intention of these tunnels?
    If in NY a tunnel was discovered that was built by
    terrorist's would their be such a cavilar attitude?
    Cute cartoon… "They can't build…" "Caught them"
    This is a act of WAR! Wakeup and respond!

  2. btw: that's one uggly lookin' toad there, hidding in tunnels like Rats! someone once said(I won't say WHO) blink blink…..He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword! It's really herd without FREE SPEECH, I couldn't get used to it.

  3. And the enemy says Yahweh is not with Israel,the holy word is the same today for the Messiah didn’t come to abolish the word ,but to fulfill the word,we are in the last days and the hands of the most high is upon Israel and no evil will prevail against them.

  4. There is anothe solution to find and callapse those tunnels. Instead of explosives Sismic companies use a 'Shaker' Trucks. They strech lines of listening wires for miles and using special truck they pound the hell of the ground thus recording what's under ground. This would give them a very good idea if there are any tunnels being constructed or are constructed. The shaking of the ground might also callapse any existing tunnels.

  5. It's a good news. Though it is better when more terrorists are killed. We hope that allah will help them to meet with 72 virgin goats in the nearest future.
    BTW. Ibrahim Al-Masri is translated as Ibrahim Egyptian. Really, another indigenous name in "Palestine" exhibiting the origin of "Palestinians"

  6. When your purpose is to destroy Israel and you keep making attempts to do such, you should be grateful that you have not been nuked. I think their faith believes in an eye for an eye? They are terrorist!

    Let’s just fix the problem and stop aid to the Hamas, till they make progress towards peace.

  7. I thought there was a blockade of
    Gaza? So how did this islamac state fighter from Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigade get in? Is the PLO constantly branching off and forming new organizations and for what purpose, the PLO has all the influence in Gaza.

  8. let me add to that, the quran and hadith doesn't mention "what kind of virgins", but theres strong
    proof that its 72 male virgin hippopotamusses that will be the one doing the screwing to these jihadists and not the other way around,…

    PREPARE THE ISLAMIC PORK OIL!!!! slippity slide.

  9. Now, they take my "design" idea and place it over the hole they found, crank it up and find out where the other "end" is, simple as that. My design is called "Sand Box" and I am still waiting for someone to contact me about it!

  10. Odd, It seems that all the palestinians in Gaza are the evil ones. Why do Gazans fire missiles into Israel? Why do gazans murder fellow Gazans? What is the legitimate reason for digging a terrorist access tunnel into Israel? Why doesn't Gaza ask Egypt to take them back into the fold? Gaza was Egypt's property. The Pals are the rejects from all around the Arab world. If they were good people Egypt would want them back. If pals were good people Jordan would not have shoved them into the West Bank. Pals are the problem. The hatred for Jews and Christians is so powerful that no one should accept anything pals want. Live like modern man, where you respect others, and people will accpet you. But keep killing innocents and you will always be the scourge of the planet.

  11. Ali Guivecci Perhaps with any luck palestinians will develope into modern people that accept others rights. Pals have earned the disrespect of civilized people. Only leftist tools support the pals, as it is the "right thing to do" if you are an ignorant savage.

  12. Gerardo Aguayo sounds like an absolute moron. He does not know that the present day Hamas Charter calls for the murder of all Jews worldwide. He does not seem to care that the Fatah names town squares after mass murderers of civilians. He does not seem to care that the families of Jew-killers receive lifetime pensions from their authorities. He does not know that the Jewish people accepted a compromise giving them a far smaller Israel than that historically promised in the decades prior to 1948. He does not seem to know that the Arab wars of annihilation were not waged on behalf of any so-called Palestinian people; rather they were waged to destroy the existence of any Jewish state of any size. He does not seem to know that Jordan illegally occupied Judea and Samaria from 1948-1967, when they again attacked Israel and lost the area as a result of Israel fighting to defend itself. He seems not to know that no Arab entity ever exercised political sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. And he sure does not know that long before Islam came into existence, the Land of Israel was an independent state.

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