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Syrian demonstrators in Berlin

( President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Josef Schuster fears the fact that many of the refugees seeking asylum in Germany come from countries hostile to Israel might bolster anti-Semitic views among the Arab community, EJP reported.

Speaking to Welt am Sonntag, Schuster said that when he shared his trepidation in a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her staff, it resulted in an awkward silence, following which Merkel responded: “We must address that.”


According to Schuster, many German Jews share his fears, “and I share this feeling and therefore see a need to integrate the refugees in our community of values as soon as possible.”

In an interview with Juedische Allgemeine, the highest-circulation Jewish periodical in Germany, Schuster suggested that people who grow up in anti-Semitic environment would “transfer their resentment to Jews in general,” as could be seen in demonstrations during Israel’s 2014 Gaza offensive “Protective Edge.” In many of these demonstrations, protesters chanted “Hamas, Hamas, Juden in’s gas!” (“Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!”).

“Many Syrians and immigrants of Arab descent have grown up in an environment in which hostility towards Israel and anti-Semitism are a common practice,” Schuster said.

Nevertheless, the Central Council of Jews has announced that Germany’s Mitzvah Day, November 15th, an annual day of faith-based social action, will be dedicated to aiding the thousands of recent refugees.


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  1. The son of a close friend of mine lives in a small town in Germany. It already has about 400 Muslims living there with more to come ,thank you Angela Merkel. The non-Muslims are very anxious because their lives are happy, successful, safe and traditional. An influx of extreme Islamic fundamentalist would turn their town on it’s head. I don’t blame them for being fearful.

  2. “…Might bolster anti-Semitic views among the Arab community..”???? “MIGHT”??? I don’t think they need any more help…but “might” just doesn’t say it strongly enough. “Absolutely” is more accurate. Europe is in for a nasty time. Idiots…this will just get worse and worse.

  3. there is no “might ” they will spread hate against the Jews of Europe ,,it seems that this great evil is growing and growing,,could this be the great call to return to the beautiful land before that GREAT DAY OF THE LORD?? I think it is. Israel is G_D`s time clock and Jacob`s (Israel`s) troubles are near to us,, Remember that Jacob`s name was changed by G_D to Israel,,, G_D will remember what the nations have done against Israel

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