Photo Credit: Yoni Alper / Terror Watch
It is believed that this is a photo from the Friday afternoon execution outside a Gazan mosque. (Aug. 22, 2014)

Please see important update at the end of the article regarding the photos originally published in this article.

The Islamic terror organization, Hamas, publicly executed 11 Gazans in Gaza City on Friday morning at 10am.


UPDATE 2:15pm: 7 more Gazans were executed on Friday afternoon. We just learned that 3 Gazans were executed yesterday. for a total of 21 Gazans executed by Hamas in the past 24 hours.

The 11 executed Arabs were accused of treason by Hamas. A Hamas security official claims the 11 had been tried in a Hamas court.

Hamas accused them of trying to overthrow Hamas by collaborating with Israel.

Hamas has warned Gazans to not publicize the names of the executed, as presumably they want to include them in the list of people killed in Operation Protective Edge. Their bodies were moved to Shifa hospital after the executions.

Hamas is currently running an internal operation to seek out and execute every Gazan they suspect is trying to overthrow Hamas or collaborate with Israel, which of course is a good cover for killing off any political opponents.

On Friday afternoon, Hamas executed an additional 7 Gazans outside the Omari Mosque after prayers.

It’s important to note, that unlike ISIS, Hamas did not behead their victims when killing them. They shot some.

Apparently to some, this is a very important distinction.

It is believed that this is a photo from the Friday afternoon execution outside a Gazan mosque.
Source: Yoni Alper / Terror Watch
It is believed that this is a photo from the Friday afternoon execution outside a Gazan mosque.

The photos originally posted here originated from various Hamas supporter and affiliate site and pages.

We have removed them for the following reasons:

1) Photo was from an earlier execution, apparently by Hamas in Gaza, but a few years ago.

2) Photo was from a 2006 execution by Islamic Jihad in Jenin (Shomron).

3) Photo was an execution from a different Islamic conflict.

We thank our readers for helping us clarify the source of the photos, and to ensure the accuracy of our reports.


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  1. Remember, all of you pro-‘palestinian’ supporters, this will be your future if you do not subscribe to the ‘correct’ form of islam. The global jihad has been going on for years, so buy your burkas now, and avoid the rush.

  2. Please check the authenticity of these pictures. In one of the pictures we see people in winter clothes. This is an obvious indication that the pictures are not from this conflict.

  3. The title of the picture is wrong, It was not an execution, which implies that there was a trial and a verdict. It is nothing but murder. Please do not give this the apparent appearance of a punishment handed down by a judge following a trial.

  4. Amitai Itzhakov So apparently none of these images are truly from this conflit or even this area. I must add that it was rather easy to check that, so maybe we should be more prudent and not do as our foes do, that is recycling pics from Syria to blame Israel in Gaza.

  5. Hamas ALWAYS uses pictures gathered from other places — even Israel (often you can see Hebrew writing in them)! Israel also has pictures of “dead victims” moving”!!!

  6. We need to be vigilant and only use authentic photos or people will say that we are no better than the terrorists who constantly use and reuse old propaganda photos.

  7. We thank our readers for helping us clarify the source of the photos, and to ensure the accuracy of our reports.

    We mistakenly relied on some Hamas affiliated sites, and forgot our own reports on how they recycle old photos as new ones.

  8. As ISIS comes into the lives of the rest of the world – we will finally begin to understand what Israel has dealt with on a daily basis – and I don’t expect us to handle it as well. Shalom

  9. Please email the article, photos and all related acts of murder to the attention of Barak Husein Obama, President of the United States of America. Please publish the article and photo posted in a national newspaper of Malik Obama with his brother Barak on the white house lawn wearing the Hamas scarf with the wording inscribed thereon “Jerusalem here we come from the River to the Sea”. Malik Obama is a dear friend of Hamas and their related factions.

  10. Hamas didn’t want to be out done by ISIS…in the murderer category they should win an Emmy…if Hamas is a gov’t of Gaza what happened to the right of a fair trial…evidence…and so on…Hamas is no more a Government it was voted in(thats still up to debate) but remember so was Hitler voted into office…they certainly are cut from the same cloth…ISIS&Hamas are one and the same…all the various jihadist terrorists(BoCo Haram,Hamas, ISIS must be eliminated before its too late….forget Obama, just get the job done once and for all…there can be no peace as long as these murderers exist.

  11. I was wondering the same thing. If the IDF found out about it, can they intervene before these people are executed? But most likely, they’re not real collaborators; the executions are to instill fear and eliminate people they don’t like for whatever reason.

  12. Mitchell Kotler whatever happened to throwing gazans off roofs. unless the people stand against hamas they will always be their prisoners, human shields, slaves essentially. while the blithering idiots of the west blame Israel.

  13. Where is the world outcry ? Where is the media that camp outside the gazan hospitals with their cameras rolling for any photo excuse to malign Israel ?where are all the”humanitarian” organisations with their hysterical screaming about Israel’s human rights abuses ?
    All this silence is deafening !!!!

  14. It seems that by this time the US, EU and UN should have a very clear understanding that the only peace that Hamas will obey is the peace they are forced to accept. When they can’t fight, they won’t. It seems that many of the Arabs living in Gaza now understand what support at the polls for Hamas will result in. The next time they vote they should have all of the polls located on the roofs of buildings to remind them of what is best for them. Until that time all we can do is wait for Israel to finish this war as quickly as possible. It may get pretty ugly but at this point what choice has Hamas given to Israel? However take heart. The Bible predicted these wars and all of the troubles of this day and age. I truly believe that this is the period of time that the Bible calls the end times. I wrote a book that discusses some of the prophecies written about in the Bible. It’s a short read of 6 or 7 pages and it’s totally free. I hope you will have a look:

  15. What an ugly and brutal society. The cruelly indoctrinated children gleefully run and follow so as to not to miss out on the fun. And these are the “poor innocents” that the world sheds crocodile tears for and rages on in support of.

  16. It is now known that these pictures were from previous executions or shall we say murders. This doesn’t change a thing. Hamas is still a group of thugs and bullies who don’t know how to play nicely with human beings or animals. Since they are the unknown species, we will assume that their brains have been stunted and never developed. We only hear about the shootings, but what else are they doing in Gaza. As Bibi mentioned, Hamas is ISIS; ISIS is Hamas. And we definitely know what ISIS if capable of and will do.

  17. Eratoste Nera I name that as a poor choice of leadership by the palestinians who I now cry for their lives as they are used as mere shields to a “higher cause”. Palestinians suffer a lot, yes, and the only reason we dont have peace is because Hamas simply dont want to. Hamas Founding Letter, art22 says that they dont want peace, just kill every “infidel” of the islam and everybody who stands in the way of a National Islamic State. If you have any excuses at all to defend such terror organization I suggest you start converting to Islam, otherwise you might be next. And this is not only about jews or “Zionist State”. ISIS is doing the same thing and killing thousands of muslims and christians as we speak, not that you seem to care, I assume.

  18. Hamas banned any further elections after they came into power. They must have known that they would never be re-elected as a result of the hardships and deprivations suffered by the population of Gaza as a result of their policies.

  19. Eratoste Nera all Hamas had to do was not fire rockets,,, and if they did fire rockets, then they had the clear opportunity to stop firing rockets after that. They were then given an opportunity to stop firing rockets after that.

    when Gaza fires rockets at the Israeli civilian populations and they are asking for death. The discussion begins there.

  20. I wonder why this news is lacking in the US news media such as the New York Times etc? I guess they don’t want to be accused of printing the truth, that would be a first.

  21. It is amazing to me how much they love to stand around and watch blood flow, even if it comes from one of their own friends, neighbors, or family members. There is no hope for man without Hashem. Man is an animal, who is incapable of handling his own affairs. What man does best is kill other men. And Hamas and ISIS are not only good at it, they relish the deed. All killers who love what they do deserve to be killed themselves. It is a simple fact. Cleanse the earth, by wiping out all of the murderers.

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