Hebrew University will give its students the day off on Christmas for the first time ever.

There will be no classes on Thursday, Dec. 25, a new vacation day on the university calendar. The students also had off on Sunday for Hanukkah.


The university also has declared a vacation day for and placed on its institutional calendar the Muslim holiday of Id al-Adha, or Feast of the Sacrifice, which will next take place on Sept. 9, 2015.

“This in order to accommodate students of all religions studying at the university and to respect their holidays,” Dov Smith, the university spokesman, said in a statement.

The majority of the university’s students and staff are Jewish and Muslim.



  1. Why??? Why have the audacity to celebrate Hanukkah – about refusing to compromise Torah/Judaism – only to give in to a pagan satanic practise??? I am speechless…

    What do you teach or learn at the “Hebrew” university?

    How to assimilate and loose the Hebrew culture 101?

    How to throw away 4000 years of Jewish heroes, pride and traditions?

    How to spit in Hashem’s face with the excuse of multiculturism?

  2. Cool your jets everybody….It’s the last day of Chanukkah anyway….Even if it wasn’t, so the students/teachers have an extra day off….Woopeedoo!!!! Just like the IDF is a Jewish army, but minority religions are allowed to swear in on their holy texts, instead of the Tanach, so Christian students don’t have to attend university on their holiday….The sky isn’t falling….Sheesh!!!!

  3. , if this offends you, don’t take another Christian dollar, voice of support, protection or aid, how quickly you forget , you are running out of friends n the last few you have, you resent, I love Gods people,but when He climbed off His throne in heaven, to die on the Cross, you became Yeshuas people, he was murdered for you too you know

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