Photo Credit: Mati Bloomberg / TPS
A IDF Truck that was damaged in an attack in Beit Fajr. March 21, 2017

An IDF truck made a wrong turn in Gush Etzion and accidentally entered into the enemy village of Beit Fajr, on Tuesday evening.

Arabs began stoning the vehicle, smashing the windshield, and injuring one of the soldiers lightly in the head.


Residents of Beit Fajr have been involved in numerous serious terrorist attacks, including the murder of Hadar Buchris in November 2015, a stabbing in December 2015, stabbing a female soldier in Ariel 7 times in March 2016, and repeated attacks on nearby Migdal Oz.

As of late, they’ve been limiting themselves to throwing firebombs at nearby Kibbutz Migdal Oz.

Beit Fajr’s terrorists are mostly associated with Tanzim/Fatah – the military wing of the Palestinian Authority/PLO.