Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS
Israeli agriculture along the Gaza Border.

Only a few months after Morocco joined the Abraham Accords and established full diplomatic ties with Israel, a large delegation from the country will arrive in Israel to participate in the Agromashov 2021 agricultural exhibition’ in Jerusalem next week.

The large delegation from Morocco will promote cooperation and integrated entrepreneurship with local farmers.


“Three months ago we established an association to promote relations and activities between Morocco and Israel with about 100 people from the industry, culture and agriculture sectors combined with the Association for the Advancement of Culture and Industry Morocco-Israel, to promote cooperation,” said Rafael Peretz, who is leading the cooperation with Morocco from the Israeli side.

“For 60 years, in Morocco, they mourned the disconnection with Israelis and want to rectify the situation, they want to reach out, cooperate and move forward with us,” he said.

The delegation will include a diverse representation from Morocco, including the largest avocado grower and exporter in Morocco, Adil Simo Abdu, who owns thousands of acres of avocados that are exported to Spain and areas in Europe and South America.

His team stated that he wanted to create a partnership with the Israeli farmers who can provide him with professional knowledge and advanced technological tools, as well as cooperation that will allow the increase of his activity in different countries, and the creation of additional products from avocados, including cosmetics.

The Agromashov exhibition will be held for the 30th year after a one-year break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The exhibition, which is considered the largest and leading in Israel in the field of agriculture, will feature hundreds of exhibitors, farmers, and businessmen.


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