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Justice Minister Amir Ohana speaks at the Knesset.

Israeli Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation between the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, the culmination of years of negotiations.

The MOU will promote cooperation in a wide range of issues of internal security and law enforcement, including combating violent crimes, combating terrorism and terrorist financing, thwarting economic crime, combating illegal trade in weapons, identifying unidentified bodies, and crimes related to illegal immigration.


In 2013, the first contacts between the Russian Ministry of the Interior and the Israeli Ministry of Defense began toward the promotion of an updated agreement between the governments, which concluded eight years later after hard work.

The agreement takes effect immediately upon the official signing.

Ohana crowned the agreement as “a significant diplomatic achievement that will improve the personal security of the citizens of Israel and Russia and strengthen the ties between the two countries.”

He thanked his Russian counterpart Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, for “promoting the agreement, which adds an important tier to the bilateral relations between our countries, to the professional staff in the Ministry of Internal Security and to all those involved on both sides who helped bring us to this achievement.”

Strangely enough, Iranian media reported that Hezbollah wants to open an office in Moscow and held high-level meetings last month with the Russians towards that effect.


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