Damascus: ‘Golan Heights will remain Arab and Syrian’

Begin decided to annex the Golan following an offer to the late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad to withdraw from the area in return for normalization of relations with Syria.

Russia, Israel, to Collaborate on Removing Iran from Syria

The foreign involvement in the Syrian Civil War encompasses political, military and operational support to parties involved in the ongoing conflict in Syria that began in March 2011, as well as active foreign involvement.

Netanyahu to Moscow Jewish Leaders: More Than One Million Russian-Speaking Jews Have Changed Israel

Russian-speaking Jews in Israel "together with the Jewish community here in Russia and Moscow, constitute a living bridge between these two peoples."

Netanyahu-Putin Meeting Cordial, But Iran Still On the Agenda

Netanyahu didn't hesitate to repeat to Putin his concerns over Iran's presence across Israel's northern border.

Netanyahu Heading for Moscow: Coordinating IDF and Russian Activities in Syria a Top Priority

Downed Russian planes aside, Netanyahu said the primary reason for his talks with President Putin in Moscow is, as always, Iran.

Ahead of Moscow Meeting Netanyahu Says He’ll Focus on Iranian Entrenchment in Syria

“We will continue to act until we get the Iranians to leave Syria because Iran is threatening to destroy Israel."

Mass Grave of Jews Shot by Nazis Unearthed in Brest, Belarus

“We expect the number of victims to go over 1,000,” said Brest official Anna Kondak. “During three weeks, every day about 40 remains are being found."

Netanyahu, Putin Reschedule Planned Meeting in Kremlin

The meeting, set earlier for Thursday, was postponed by Netanyahu due to the impending political merger between his two election rivals.

Netanyahu-Putin Meeting Postponed

It would have been the first meeting since the downing of a Russian spy plane by Syrian aerial defense forces last September. Syria said its forces were aiming at Israeli warplanes.

Israel, Iran to Join Russia-led Free Trade Agreement

Each nation is to sign its own free-trade accord with the bloc; adversaries won’t be able to trade freely with one another.

Russia’s Alrosa Sells 92 Rough Diamonds for $9.6 Million in Israeli Auction

In 2018, Alrosa held six auctions for special size rough diamonds in Israel, and the revenue for the year reached almost $90 million.

Netanyahu to Discuss Iran in Moscow with Putin on Feb. 21

"It’s very important that we continue to prevent Iran from entrenching in Syria."

Netanyahu Meets with Russia’s Special Envoy for Syrian Affairs

Among the issues discussed were Iran and the situation in Syria, and strengthening security coordination.

Israel’s Security ‘Top Priority,’ says Russian Foreign Ministry

In interview with CNN, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov denies that Moscow allied with Iran in Syria, says countries do not see “eye to eye” • Pentagon reportedly weighing plan to maintain U.S. military base in southeastern Syria.

Violent Clashes as Russia Aims to Evict Iran from Syria

To date, more than 160 have been killed in battles between pro-Russian and pro-Iranian Syrian army units in the Hama area alone.

Report: Palestinian Authority to Form New Government by Feb. 13

PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah is expected to step down, and a new cabinet is to be announced.

Iran ‘Angry’ Over Russia Not Activating S-300 Defense Systems in Syria

Still, Russia (halfheartedly) warned Israel to stop its “arbitrary” airstrikes in Syria, saying that they should be “ruled out.”

Haniyeh’s visit to Moscow ‘Postponed Indefinitely’

According to TASS, "the restoration of inter-Palestinian unity was expected to top the agenda of the talks in Moscow."

Bibi Tells Trump to Stretch Out Syria Pullout, Tells Press He Won’t Resign Until...

It's not at all clear whether Netanyahu introduced the US president to the idea of a 120-day pullout or merely added his voice to others around Trump who counseled a more patient pullout.

Russia Charges US Citizen with Espionage

The United States has requested consular access to the detained individual, the State Department said.

Russia Announces Successful Test of Hypersonic Missile

It “essentially makes missile defenses useless,” said Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

Israel, Syria, Iran: It’s All About 50 Miles

Senior Russian commanders on the ground in Syria actually admire the IDF and its aggressive style – as long as the IDF does not shoot down Ilyushin planes, of course.

Russia: Israeli Strike on Syria Threatened Civilian Flights

Israel is “not prepared to accept the Iranian military entrenchment in Syria which is directed against us."

US Withdrawal Announcement Continues to Reverberate in the Middle East

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman on Saturday welcomed President Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria, saying the US military presence in the Middle East fuels insecurity in the region.


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