Moscow Summoned Israeli Ambassador for Criticizing Tolerance of Hamas, No Holocaust Memorial Day

Halperin is a firebrand, no doubt about it, but Russia is not a hospitable place for firebrands, especially not in February.

Russia Entering the War Zone in Southern Syria, Impacting IAF Maneuverability

The presence of helicopters and other Russian aircraft over the Golan Heights prevents Israel from operating in this airspace.

Starling Meets Raven: Turkish FM Meets Hamas Chief Haniyeh

according to Anadolu, Fidan and Haniyeh discussed "a two-state solution for lasting peace.”

RT: Chechnya Building Homes for Gazan Immigrants

To date, Chechnya has accepted some 200 Arabs fleeing Gaza.

Russian Envoy to Lebanon: Border Area Becoming a Dead Zone

On October 14, 2023, only one week after the Hamas atrocities ,Rudakov met with Hezbollah dignitaries in south Lebanon.

FM Lavrov: Russia’s Goals in Ukraine Identical to Israel’s Goals in Gaza

Lavrov praised Netanyahu who, despite international pressure, does not criticize Russia.

Iran Protests Russian-Arab Resolution Denying Its Sovereignty over 3 Gulf Islands

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday summoned the Russian embassy in Tehran’s charge d’affaires to protest “Russia’s repeated support for claims on Iran’s trio Persian...

Netanyahu Tells Putin He Is Disappointed, No Record of What Putin Said in Return

The Russian president took a full week and a half before extending condolences to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the October 7 massacre.

Hamas Releases 2 Russian Israeli Hostages in Deference to Russia’s Pres. Vladimir Putin

The two dual nationals, whose names were not disclosed, were released by Hamas hours ahead of the planned group of 10 Israeli hostages set to be freed Wednesday night.

Blinken to Meet on Accepting Ukraine into NATO, Defying Putin’s Threats

On September 30, 2022, following Russia's annexation of Southern and Eastern Ukraine, Ukraine formally applied to join NATO.

Pro-Hamas Mob Storms Dagestan Airport Looking for Jews as Flight Arrives from Israel

The mob, waving Palestinian Authority flags, stormed the tarmac, forcing the Red Wings plane that had arrived from Israel to seal its doors to protect the passengers.

Israel Summons Russian Ambassador for Protest Over Hamas Visit to Moscow

"Hosting the leaders of Hamas, who are directly responsible for the murderous terrorist attack on October 7, for the kidnapping of hostages and the bloodshed of over 1,400 Israelis by them, conveys a message of legitimacy for terrorism against Israelis."

North Korea Sends Artillery to Russia for Use Against Ukraine

Military experts believe that North Korea will likely receive advanced weapons or technology from Russia in exchange for the supplies.

Russian Electronic War System ‘Likely’ Behind Ben-Gurion Airport Disruptions

Landing patterns have been changed to bypass the GPS disruptions.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to Meet for Arms Talks with Russia’s Vladimir Putin

The US has said it will impose sanctions and take other actions if North Korea supplies Russia with weapons.

Wagner Group Leader Reported Among Plane Crash Victims in Russia

"According to the list of passengers, among them is the name and surname of Yevgeny Prigozhin."

Hungary, Israel, Germany to Collaborate on Manufacturing Combat Drones

Orban has been a close ally of PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Gaza Strip Young Man Dies Defending Mother Russia Against Ukraine

Rami al-Farra died "in Russia during a missile attack."

Multinational Fighter Pilots Deployed to Stop Russian Bombers Heading for NATO Airspace

The Danish air force intercepted the Russian bombers before they could enter Dutch NATO airspace.

Biden’s Got a Cluster Bomb-Sized Headache

Years ago, Biden said that Washington should defund Israel if Jerusalem used cluster bombs, is now sending the same weapons to Kyiv.

WSJ Jewish Journalist Evan Gershkovich Has Spent 100 Days in Russian Detention

Russian state media suggested a prisoners’ exchange was in the works.

Russians Declare Former Moscow Chief Rabbi a Foreign Agent

Rabbi Goldschmidt suggested the Russians may declare God a foreign agent as well.

Hiding in Belarus, Prigozhin Still Not Safe from Putin’s Long Arm

“Putin has imprisoned and assassinated people for far less than what Prigozhin has done to him."

Wagner Leader Gets Asylum in Belarus, Kremlin Mulling Redeployment in Ukraine

President Zelenskyy announced that Putin had escaped from the Kremlin to a secret hiding place in St. Petersburg.

Watching Wagner Group, Israel Issues Warning Against Travel to Russia

Israeli officials estimated there are some 60 to 70,000 Israeli citizens in Russia, in addition to more than half a million Jews eligible to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return.

Wagner Group Rebels Against Russian Military Leaders, Marches to Moscow

By Saturday night, Yevgeny Prigozhin said he had ordered his Wagner Group forces to stand down.

US Air Force Commander: Iran-Russia Relationship ‘Certainly a Concern’

Not only is it a concern to the Pentagon, but it threatens Israel, said Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich, the top U.S. Air Force commander in the Middle East.

Russia’s Drone Onslaught Ups Interest in Israeli Defense System

Rafael’s Drone Dome system has already been deployed in Dubai, and is also protecting airports, military targets and borders in a number of NATO states, as well as in Asian countries.

Chancellor Scholz: Brace Yourselves for Prolonged Ukraine War

NATO will not invite Ukraine to join the alliance.

Russia to Open Embassy Branch in Jerusalem

The deal would safeguard Russia's claims of ownership of prime real estate in Jerusalem.


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