Russian Missile Strike Decimates Ukraine’s Kremenchuk Shopping Mall, 1,000+ Civilians Inside

More than a thousand civilians were inside the mall when the two missiles struck, Zelensky said.

Zelenskyy Asks Hebrew U Audience: How Can You Not Help the Victims of Aggression?

Zelenskyy, who claims to have Jewish roots (although he baptized both his children from his Christian wife), singled out Israel for not doing more to help Ukraine.

Israeli Envoy Summoned to Kremlin Over Strike on Damascus Airport

Russia condemned last week's air strike and blamed Israel for the attack.

Report: Assad Warned Syrian Presidential Palace is IDF’s Next Target

Last week, Israel was blamed by Syria and Russia for air strikes that disabled two of the runways at Damascus International Airport, shutting down its operations.

Russian and Syrian Air Forces Conduct Joint Drill Over Syria

The Syrian Defense Ministry stated that two Russian SU-35 fighter jets and six Syrian MiG-23 and MiG-29 jets simulated confronting warplanes and drones.
Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis.

Moscow’s Chief Rabbi Leaves Russia After Refusing to Support Ukraine War

Goldschmidt, who has served as a rabbi in Moscow for the last 33 years, is also president of the Conference of European Rabbis.

Medvedev Thanks Israel for Offer to Mediate but Says Chances for Ukraine Peace Dwindling

"Mediation is valuable in the sense that a platform for talks appears, while the sides display a desire to negotiate."

EU Approves Partial Embargo on Russian Oil Imports

The news follows Israeli talks on a deal to sell natural gas to Europe via Egypt.

With an Eye to Putin Israel Blocks Spike Missiles Sale to Ukraine

Israel is not thousands of miles away from Russia, it is, in fact, on Russia’s border, and there are many bears north of that border.

US Treasury Targets Russian-Backed Iranian Oil-Smuggling Network

The sanctioned individuals and companies are said to be generating hundreds of millions of dollars for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force and Hezbollah.

Russia Permanently Bans Three Senior Chabad Rabbis

Chabad has long sought the return of its historic collection of Jewish and Chassidic books and manuscripts amassed by the Rebbes of Chabad and seized by Russia since WWII.

Russian Rapper Morgenshtern Appeals Foreign Agent Designation over Ties with Israeli Media Group

His grandfather was Jewish, and even though Morgenshtern is not halakhically Jewish, he has been interested in Judaism and is close to Chabad.

Moscow Delivers Warning to Israel: Be ‘Objective’ on Ukraine

"We expect that our Israeli partners will take a more balanced and objective position regarding the developments in Ukraine."

‘S-300 Battery Fired on the IAF Over Syria,’ says Israeli TV Report

“The missiles did not constitute a threat on [Israeli Air Force] planes and there was no lock by the battery’s radar on the planes, but this is a dramatic precedent,” according to SANA.

Russia Angry at Israel for Supporting WHO’s Move Out of Moscow

"Intentional attacks on health care facilities are a breach of international humanitarian law."

Russian Ambassador Covered with Red Paint by Polish Protesters on V-Day

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the Polish government "immediately arrange a wreath-laying ceremony, ensuring complete security against any provocations."

Ukraine Reports Sinking Another Russian Ship in Black Sea

“The traditional parade of the Russian Black Sea fleet on May 9 this year will be held near Snake Island – at the bottom of the sea."

Bennett: Putin Apologized for Lavrov’s Remarks

"The Prime Minister accepted President Putin's apology for Lavrov's remarks and thanked him for clarifying his attitude towards the Jewish people and the memory of the Holocaust."

Doubling Down on Antisemitic Message, Russia Accuses Israel of Supporting Ukrainian ‘Neo-Nazis’

Former German Interior Minister Gerhart Baum told RTL television that Sergey Lavrov had been a notorious liar for decades.

Report: Israel Mulls Military Support for Ukraine

The move is expected to be primarily symbolic since any aid to be sent would not include “substantial quantities of supplies.”

Lavrov: Worst Antisemites are Jews, Hitler Had Jewish Blood

But was Hitler the descendant of Jews? A Nazi official named Hans Frank was the source of the rumor.

Russian-Israeli Billionaire Yuri Milner Pledges $100 Million to Aid Ukrainian Refugees

On March 24, 2020, Milner published a statement that he is an Israeli citizen and has never met Vladimir Putin.

Russia Cuts Off Gas Flow to Poland, Bulgaria

President Vladimir Putin ordered gas exporter Gazprom to cut off buyers from “unfriendly” nations that fail to pay in rubles.

Moldova Eyes Attacks on Breakaway Transnistria

Transnistria is strategically located along Moldova’s northeastern border.

Go Figure: Macron Wins by 57.4%, Euro Falls Against the Dollar to $1.07725

Macron clashed with Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, calling him a "far-right antisemite."

Report: Putin Puts Personal Pressure on Bennett to Hand Jerusalem Church to Russia

"We worked on it for five years, we found all the historical documents, but the situation with Ukraine happened."

Israel’s Ambassador to US: Bennett No Longer Leading Ukraine-Russia Mediation

Domestic critics of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he has lost focus on internal political considerations while taking on more international concerns, such as trying to intervene diplomatically in Russia’s nearly seven-week war with Ukraine.

Moshe Kantor Quits European Jewish Congress in Response to UK’s Blacklisting

“Dr. Kantor will be stepping back with immediate effect as President of the organization."

UN General Assembly Suspends Russia from UNHRC with Israeli Support

It is the first time since the founding of the world body that a permanent member of the UN Security Council has been suspended.

European Jewish Congress Shocked by UK’s Sanctioning Its President to ‘Starve Putin’s War Machine’

At the top of the list of the Russian elite supporting Putin, Foreign Secretary Truss included “Viatcheslav (Moshe) Kantor."


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