Russian Pres. Putin Gathers Accolades in Jerusalem During 5th World Holocaust Forum

"Her mother was very moving and supports her daughter. I said to her and I will say it again – everything will be alright."

Putin to Meet Holocaust Denier Abbas in Bethlehem following International Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem

Abbas dismissed as a "myth" and "fantastic lie" that six million Jews had died in the Holocaust.

Putin Receives 2,000-Year-Old Coin Uncovered in Jerusalem

Unlike Naama Issachar, Putin won't be arrested for trying to take the coin out of Israel.

TASS: Putin Reassures Naama Issachar’s Mother Everything Will Be Fine

You'll note there's no note of astonishment in the TASS report over the disproportionately harsh sentence.

Czar Putin Has Landed Sans Hostage Girl

Naama Issachar did not walk down the steps from Putin's plane. Good bye, fantasy, we'll have some reality here for a change.

Netanyahu Gives Putin Disputed Old City Church in Exchange for Jailed Israeli Woman

Israel was going to recognize the ownership over the Russian compound in the Old City sooner or later anyway, the Naama Issachar arrest was just an incentive.

Kremlin: Putin Will Discuss Naama Issachar’s Pardon on Israel Visit

Putin’s press secretary told journalists on Monday, "We never announce such matters," and suggested it would be best to "wait and see."

Report: Netanyahu to Back Russian Narrative on Poland’s Role in WW2 for Naama Issachar’s...

The assumption on the Israeli side is that Netanyahu would be obliged to support the narrative that the Russians are currently advancing against the Poles on the actions taken by the two countries in World War II.

Report: Russia’s President Putin May Bring Naama Issachar With Him to Israel

"The conversation . . . strengthened the Prime Minister's optimism that the issue of the release of Naama Issachar is advancing towards a solution.”

Russian Speaker Blames Poland for Facilitating Nazi Death Camps

This finger-pointing at the country whose population was deemed most likely to collaborate with the mass extermination of Jews is the tip of a new Russian propaganda drive.

In Personal Letter, Netanyahu Vows to Free Naama Issachar

“We do not abandon anyone to his fate,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu writes to Naama Issachar, 27, who was arrested in Moscow on drug charges in April.

Netanyahu Promises Naama Issachar’s Family to Get Her Better Prison Conditions

Last November, Israel extradited to the US an alleged Russian cybercriminal named Alexei Burkov, and themove sealed Naama's fate.

Rejecting Criticism of Stalin, Putin Attacks Poland’s Ambassador to Hitler’s Germany

In retrospect, Madagascar would have probably been safer for the Jews than Poland, but that's a different debate altogether.

WATCH: Russian Jews ‘Party’ After Lighting Chanukah Menorah in Moscow’s Red Square

This is the 30th year that the Chanukah menorah is being lit in Moscow’s public square, itself a massive miracle.

Israeli Backpacker Loses Appeal in Russia, 7.5 Year Sentence Stands

"We are distressed and angry. . . We ask the prime minister – do not allow President Vladimir Putin to land in Israel without Naama returning home.”

Israel – Russia Feud Continues as 2nd El Al Plane Delayed in Moscow Airport

A Russian official said Wednesday that Russia is protesting the attitude Russian tourists visiting Israel face.

Once Again, Dozens of Israeli Tourists Detained at Moscow Airport

In response to the incident, Russia’s embassy in Israel said Israel denies entry to hundreds of Russians every month.

Russia Banned from 2020 Olympics, 2022 World Cup, for Doping

The deputy director general of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), Margarita Pakhnotskaya, said the WADA decision was "well-expected."

Historians Find A Family of Jewish Spies Who Passed Atomic Secrets to the USSR

Oscar Seborer died on 23 April 2015 in Moscow. Among the attendees at the funeral was a representative of the FSB, and his brother Stuart in a wheelchair.

Russia Condemns Israel’s Air Strikes in Syria

On Tuesday, Bogdanov attended a meeting in Moscow with Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat on the Iranian presence in Syria.

5 Holocaust Monuments Unveiled Across Russia this Week

"Most of the victims, old men, women, and children, were peaceful Soviet citizens of Jewish descent, doomed to destruction only because of their nationality."

Putin Invited Trump to Attend V-Day Celebrations in Moscow

Putin has not received an RSVP from Trump, but Moscow believes that all the countries that participated in the "anti-Hitler coalition" should be represented.

Report: Russia Seized David’s Sling Interceptor Missile

It was the first time the IDF used the David's Sling, which is apparently being inspected somewhere in Russia as you're reading this report.

Temporary Injunction Against Extradition of Russian Hacker to the US

Russia wants Burkov returned to Russia, and to that end, arrested Israeli-American Naama Issachar, holding her hostage.

Justice Minister Ohana to Extradite Russian Hacker Despite Threat to Israeli Prisoner

Both a district court and Israel's Supreme Court have upheld the extradition.

Russia Tells UNSC Israel Must Stop Judea, Samaria Construction

"Both Palestinians and Israelis must refrain from violence, and aggressive and provocative rhetoric."

Russian Troops Receive Armored Vehicles to Help Patrol Turkish-Syrian Border

A unit of the Russian military police has arrived in the Syrian town of Kobani to patrol the territory in cooperation with Turkey.

Russia Accusing US of Smuggling Syrian Oil to the Tune of $30 Million a...

On Friday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the US would send armored vehicles and troops to the Syrian oil fields to protect them from being captured by Islamic State fighters.

On Bibi’s 70th Birthday Putin Talks Pardon for Naama Issachar

President Putin also called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his 70th birthday

Israeli Toddler Dies on Flight from Thailand to Tel Aviv

"The Israeli Embassy in Moscow is in contact with the family and the Jewish community nearby, and is helping to make arrangements for the toddler's body to be transported home as quickly as possible."


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