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Tutu’s latest comments and the subsequent rebuke by Erdan, who commands Israel’s police force as well as Israel’s effort to counter the BDS movement, suggest that Barghouti remains relevant and influential even behind bars.

Michael Zeff and Jesse Lempel contributed to this report.


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  1. I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the outrageous terrorist shootings that took the lives of at least four innocent civilians and wounded at least twenty others in Tel Aviv yesterday.

    The Israeli security forces’ investigation is ongoing, but some facts have already emerged — and they are grim.

    Just as fast as the condolences arrive from the civilized world is the praise arising out of the uncivilized one. Hamas praised the attack, calling the attackers “heroes.” Reports out of Hebron indicate that residents of the terrorists’ hometown lit up the night sky with celebratory fireworks. One Palestinian “news organization” even referred to the shootings, in which the assailants dressed up as observant Jews, as a “Ramadan treat.” The leader of Hamas called the injured terrorist a “hero.” How despicable!

    The American people stand strong with the people of Israel, who have suffered far too long from terrorism. Israel’s security is a matter of paramount importance to me and the American people.

    We understand all too well the unspeakable horror that terrorism unleashes. To address it — and address it we must! — we must recognize the parallel horror of the culture of religious hatred that permeates many Palestinian quarters. From schools that indoctrinate toddlers to grow up to kill Israelis to the daily menu of hate that spews forth from various “news organizations,” change is long overdue in the Palestinian territories.

    Let us begin the arduous task of creating a future where peace can take root and terror finds no refuge.

    I express my deepest condolences to the families of the four Israelis who were murdered, as well as my wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded.

    Donald J. Trump

  2. Since Mr. Nobel invented Dynamite, Execute Barghouti for 5 murders. Shove a stick of Dynamite you know where! After they gave a Nobel Peace Award to Yasser Arafat, I lost respect for the Peace Prize. Peace Prize was intended for people who actually PROMOTE PEACE!! Got that, Committe? I'm still proud of the great people who have earned it in Chemistry, Medicine & Science and Literature. As for Mr. Barghouti, Alfred Nobel is rolling over in his grave!!

  3. The share of Nobel Prize winners among the Jewish people, however, is 1446 times greater than among Muslims. In the celebration the list of Nobel Prize winners over the years, there are 135! Jews. All genres are represented: Literature, Peace, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Medicine. (Year 2013)

  4. We all have our heroes- Superman, the Hulk, Spiderman,etc. They fought for good vs. evil, their values were of Judeo-Christian beliefs- honor, responsibility, family, democracy, equality, free speech,etc. I guess Tutu has his own heroes-Barghouti, Arafat, PLO, Hamas, Hesbollah,etc. Mandela would be proud to see Tutu following in his foot-steps.

  5. Look at Ms. Almqvist wrote. She is absolutely correct. I think the Peace Prize may be screwed up but no one can argue with the other genres! Interestingly, the Peace Prize was tagged on after all the other genres were put in place yet gets the most attention! What a shame. All the other truly GREATS should be given more publicity. Ms. Almqvist listed all the main genres. Allot of Jews in the groups!

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