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The two Sarona terrorists

A collaboration of Shabak, IDF and Police has led to the arrest of the support network of the two terrorist cousins from the town of Yata in Judea and Samaria who carried out the June 16 attack at the Max Brenner Café, killing four Israelis and wounding 15.

As part of the investigation, a Yata resident named Yunis Ayish Musa Zin, 22, who confessed to planning to go out on an attack with the two cousins, but ended up staying home because of “technical” issues. He admitted to providing the two terrorists with their weapons and surrendered his own home-made “Carlo” rifle.


Zayn planned to commit the attack along with the two terrorists, but his friends convinced him not to because he has financial debts and therefore would not achieve the status of “shahid,” or martyr, according to Muslim belief.

In their Shabak interrogation it was discovered that the two terrorists began planning their attack in January 2016. Their original plan was to shoot the passengers inside a train car. Their eventual decision to attack the café was haphazard.

The two terrorists entered Israel through what the Shabak version describes as a hole in the security fence in south Hebron Mountain, but which local Jewish residents describe as no fence at all. The two were driven by Salim Mugnam, 23, also a resident of Yata, who is under arrest.

The two terrorists spent some time in a Bedouin village called Segev Shalom, in an apartment rented by illegal Arab workers from the PA. After a few hours there, they continued their journey to Tel Aviv.

The two terrorists purchased suits and luxury items before the attack in order to blend in with the Tel Aviv crowd, the Shin Bet investigation revealed. Zayn supplied them with three rifles and they also carried two knives dipped in rat poison so that they could stab civilians should the rifles malfunction.

Ten Yata residents altogether have been arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting the terrorists, including manufacturing the weapons they used and coordinating their trip into downtown Tel Aviv.

After the attack, both gunmen attempted to flee in different directions after the attack. Khaled was shot by security forces and apprehended while Muhammad blended in with the fleeing civilians. Muhammad went inside a residential building and hid inside a policeman’s apartment who didn’t realize at first that Muhammad was the terrorist. When the policeman saw the second terrorist outside, he returned home with other policemen to arrested him.

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  1. Why isn't Netanyahu in prison for freeing thousands of Jihadists from prisons? If that isn't aiding & abetting, I don't know what is. Also, he sees the continued open Jihad of Abbas, knows he's encouraging, paying, & directing Jihadi terrorists to murder, but Netanyahu continues to aid & abet it. So, as always, the little guys get punished, but the big fish get to keep swimming along as the people are too brainwashed to see the real problem.
    There is, of course, a solution to stop the millions of overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians from continuing to murder, injure, & cost Israelis much of their money, i.e., repatriate them to Jordan & Egypt, which is Israel's legal & moral right, beyond that of any of the many examples of repatriation in history.

  2. I've repeatedly told you that Israel doesn't have to annex land that belongs only to it under international law. Also, Oslo is null & void because the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians broke every aspect of it. I believe that they've stated that it's null & void, anyway, so you don't have to keep repeating that.
    I've also explained to you that the Jewish people do not base their security actions on what God commanded regarding the entrance into Israel the first time.
    They are to abide by Jewish law & international law. On those bases, they have the right to repatriate the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians to Jordan & Egypt, the losers of the Six-day War. Their populations should never have been permitted to remain on Israel's side of the border.
    Of course Israelis shoot kill active terrorists. A moving Jihad terrorist is a potential bomb, so of course they should make sure they can't depress a button & blow people up.

  3. It isn't that they're Arab that's the problem. It's that the vast majority are orthodox Muslim, which means they believe Israel should be annihilated. Only the heterodox Muslims should be permitted to remain within the boundaries west of the Jordan River.
    A heterodox Muslim is one who rejects all of the evil in Islam and embraces only the tolerant parts. The tolerant parts have been almost entirely abrogated by the later intolerant & sometimes genocidal parts according to Orthodox Islam.
    I agree with you that those Israeli political leaders since 1967 unwilling to protect Israel in the best legal & most compassionate way have the blood of countless innocent people on their hands. That way, of course, remains as always the ONLY effective AND compassionate complete & permanent solution to create a safe prosperous Israel, to repatriate the mythical so-called Palestinians to Jordan & Egypt, including the non-heterodox Muslim Israeli citizens. They're so very deadly & injurious & costly.

  4. There's no such thing as a New World Order, but you're right, he's certainly no leader. He isn't the problem. Israel's political & educational systems & its lamestream drive-by Leftist media have created an Israeli population unaware of so much & who know so much that isn't true.
    Imagine if your city was under attack by an obvious fifth column among you.
    Now imagine the enormous clamour of the citizenry to solve the ongoing murders, injuries, displacement, & loss of unimaginable amounts of the money of the working people.
    And, imagine a leader who sides with this deadly injurious costly fifth column.
    How long would that leader remain in office?

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