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View of the Jordan River Crossing, an international border crossing between Irbid, Jordan and Beit She'an, Israel. The crossing was opened in November 1994, and is currently one of three entry/exit points between Israel and Jordan that handles tourist crossings.

Six Kashrut inspectors, overseeing the Kashrut in Israeli-owned greenhouses located in Jordan were attacked on Tuesday by Jordanian workers, according to a report in Kikar Shabbat.

The workers attacked the inspectors with stones and axes. Initial reports said the workers kidnapped the inspectors.


It appears the Jordanian workers had a financial complaint against the Israeli company, and assumed the Israeli Kashrut inspectors were representatives from the Israeli company.

Initially, the workers decided to hold a strike, and when the Kashrut inspectors saw that no work would be done for them to oversee, they decided to leave. That’s when they were attacked by the Jordanians.

Two of the inspectors work for the Badatz Kashrut organization, and four work the Rav Efrati Kashrut group.

Other inspectors who were on site, saw the assault on the security cameras and called the Jordanian police and security personnel.

The six inspectors were safely extracted unharmed, and despite the late hour, returned to Israel.

The greenhouses are owned by an Israeli Jew, who established them in Jordan to import Shmittah-free vegetables into Israel.

During the Shmittah year, fruit and vegetables grown in Israel have a consecrated status, which can sometimes make it more difficult to handle properly in the home, so one solution is to import fruits and vegetables grown outside of Israel.


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  1. let it be known that by importing such things from a foreign land and especially an Arab nation that is moderately hostile to us, is totally against Torah no matter what these so called chachamim are lead to believe is the right thing to do. It is ting on the Israelis who labor to grow fruit and vegetables and work through the Beit Din to sell their products according to halachah. But not these peoples halachah and so they go to any means to import food ignoring Israel And this is what being ultra orthodox is all about.

  2. The truth is that there is a safer way to grow foods,kosher for shmitta,without leaving the land.It is called aquoponics. Israel is actually a world leader in the technology.I would love to get a group together to go into this as a business. I am working with an organization that sells land to the golah,and have discussed this with them.(my organization ,only hires yidden)

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