Therefore, Ettinger explained, “while global exports have suffered a severe decline, Israeli exports have sustained their high level due to the demand for the unique medical, agricultural, IT and defense technologies” that it develops.

“Is time working for or against Israel?” asked Ettinger in last week’s letter. He concluded that time has been firmly on Israel’s side. “The economic indicators from ‎‎1948 until today confirm that Israel has experienced splendid economic ‎integration and unprecedented economic growth, in defiance of ongoing ‎war, terrorism, boycotts and international pressure.‎”


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Zeev Ben-Yechiel writes for Tazpit News Agency.


  1. Everyone of us needs to rise up, sounding the alarm, warning the nations to awake out of their sleep and slumber, against a people so brutal, so bloodthirsty, wanting to rule the world with their sharia law. Brutally murdering any who doesn’t submit to their law. Do you think this is a game? Do you think these people aren’t serious? Do you think it won’t happen to you and your country? Wake up and rise up and stop these people. Reject their way of life, for only you can. Shalom everyone.

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