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This is part of the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem. but is called by Obama a "settlement."

Jerusalem’s planning committee has approved the construction of 243 new residential units in Ramot, a large neighborhood on the western side of city that international media have now officially termed a ”settlement.”

Most of Ramot is on public land that was occupied by Jordan from the end of the War for Independence until the Six-Day War in 1967. It was developed in the late 1970s  and almost never has been lumped in with similar areas in eastern, southern and northern Jerusalem.


The planning committee also approved another bureaucratic stage for building 270 homes in the same area.

Reuters reported, “Israel describes both settlements as Jerusalem “neighborhoods” and added that Palestinian Authority fears that the “Israeli enclaves will deny them contiguous territory” in a future state.

According to Reuters, Israel cites “biblical links” to justify the right to of Jew to anywhere in Jerusalem.

As much as the biblical links are true, as they are true for the entire existence of the State of Israel, Jerusalem built up Ramot because the city needed to expand and because a strong Jewish presence is Israel’s best security against more Arab wars.

Anticipating criticism from the United States, which backs the Arab world stand to shrink Israel back to the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Jerusalem committee stated:

There is no change in the policy of the municipality in recent years and we will continue to build in all neighborhoods of the city, for Jews and Arabs alike, according to the master plan. In the coming years, it is expected tens of thousands of housing units will be built in all sectors of the city.

New construction in Jerusalem is essential for the city’s development and for allowing young people and students to live here and buy an apartment.


Jerusalem city councilor Yosef Pepe Alalu, of the left-wing Meretz party, told AFP, “This kind of decision distances us from any chance of reaching an agreement with the Palestinians.”

While Reuters reported that Israel ”captured” Judea and Samaria and what is now Greater Jerusalem, AFP went one step further from the truth and told readers it “seized” eastern Jerusalem.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. I was in college and even back then the anti-Israeli sentiment was taught to us in school with the professor teaching us about how Jews were robbing the Palestinians of their homeland. What happened to me during the assignment where we had to show why this was wrong and how we think it should be fixed was life changing for me.
    First, I was always taught that I was English, possibly German, but no one ever talked about it. I knew my grandfather came over to the US when his family moved from the Soviet area to Poland, then they moved over here. My grandmother I knew also came over here, but she was adopted, but I remember being told how her parents, all but one of her sisters were slaughtered by the Nazi's but they never went into detail.
    Now after learning what I have the fact that my grandparents ate on two sets of plates, we were never allowed to mix meat and dairy products together should have told us something, but being that my parents were Christians I just thought my grandparents were being eccentric as many elderly can be sometime. It was during this assignment that my grandfather fell ill, and while dying brought out the paperwork from the old country. You can imagine our surprise to learn his family was Jewish and not only his, but my grandmother was adopted through a adoption agency that dealt with only Jewish children. I found out her parents adopted her in San Fransisco then moved back to Poland to be by their family, it was a move that cost them dearly.
    I have to say prior to that time I thought Israel was just a warring country full of Jews and they hated the Arabs so badly they just wanted to take everything from them, at least that is what we were taught. As I started to study I first went to look at the claim of the Palestinians, found to my surprise when trying to build up a case for them there was not any. There was zero archeological finds to support their claim to have been there all this time, I went through census of the area from the earliest known one for the Ottomans in 1696 and found to my surprise that the Jews outnumbered Arabs at that time, along with this was also the find that there were no Arabs in Gaza or much of the cities they now claim stating they were their for all of history. After I exhausted the research I could find to support the Palestinians (and I honestly have to say there is no historical references to them as a Arab sub race anytime before 1900) I decided to move on.
    I found the Balfour declaration, looked at the White Paper and found that what was promised as a homeland was getting sliced off and handed to the Arabs. I then studied the history of the Jews in the Arab lands and found that what we have been told is false, they had pogrom after pogrom throughout the ages where they would just riot and slaughter a bunch of Jews, but I have to say they were treated better then the European Jews. I found records of continuous living in the area by the Jews. So I took the information and put it together as a thesis and then presented it to the class.
    During my presentation the professor and the class kept interrupting (something I might add that they never did once for people who supported the Arab claim), as I addressed each question from my notes, and each time the professor tried to correct me I refereed him back to factual accounts, first hand statements about what they saw, the lack of any archeological evidence, and the fact that the Arabs themselves admit that the fact that the Arabs today claiming to be Palestinians migrated to the area due to needed labor because of the growth caused by the Zionist migration who caused the area to grow and then there was the need for laborers.
    The man tried to fail me, I fought it and won my grade, and that started me off on a 30+ year quest to find the truth.

  2. Tim Benton, I admire you for your intellectual inquiry and persistence in uncovering the truth. No one should allow professors to intimidate them. We are all creatures of emotion and intelligence, but often the emotion overrides the intelligence. Don Krausz.

    AFP's bias shines through
    My latest article at NewsRealBlog fisks a single paragraph from an AFP story last week to show how biased the media is – even if it is subconscious.

    French Press Offers a Perfect Case Study in Anti-Israel Reporting

    One does not have to look hard to find anti-Israel bias in the wire services. In fact, once you know about the anti-Israel memes that the media uses, one has to look hard to avoid biased news articles.

    Here is a case in point, from AFP. Just the first paragraph has enough bias and distortion to keep us busy for a while:

    JERUSALEM (AFP) – Jewish settlers are to expand a housing scheme being built on the site of an historic east Jerusalem hotel which was razed by Israel sparking global anger, a city official said on Thursday.

    Let’s start from the top.

    “Jewish settlers:” While the term is technically accurate — after all, the original Zionists who built Tel Aviv were also considered “settlers” — nowadays it implies Jews who are living in the so-called “occupied territories” and who are doing something vaguely “illegal.” In other words, the term “settler” has turned into a pejorative term, and its use by a news source is never value-neutral.

    A neutral, and accurate, term would be “Israeli Jews.”

    “A housing scheme:” Why did AFP choose the word “scheme” rather than the word “plan”?

    The answer is simple: “Scheme” connotes something underhanded, something vaguely immoral, something that people should be ashamed of. Put it together with the word “Jewish” and things start to really get juicy!

    The truth is that there is nothing underhanded about the Shepherd Hotel. It was legally bought by a deeply Zionist Jew in the 1980s and the plan to allow Jews to live there has been publicly known for just as long. All the paperwork was completed and the project approved last March. The plan couldn’t have been more public.

    “An historic east Jerusalem hotel:” The Shepherd Hotel was built in the 1930s. In a land where one can stumble across thousand-year-old Crusader fortresses and even older mosques and synagogues, it might as well have been built yesterday. There is nothing “historic” about it.

    Well, that’s not quite true. The building was originally built as a villa for the genocidal Mufti of Jerusalem, a man who helped Hitler implement the “Final Solution” to kill all of the world’s Jews. The Mufti was also behind the Arab riots of the 1920s and 1930s, which ended up being disastrous for the Arabs with thousands of casualties. He was one of the most evil people of the 20th century. Calling his former villa “historic” gives the Mufti far more honor than he deserves. Yet that is exactly how Palestinian Arabs are referring to it — and how AFP does, as well.

    “Which was razed by Israel sparking global anger:” From this paragraph, do you get the impression that the hotel has been used recently? In fact, it was an eyesore; stuck behind barbed wire, decaying and run down. Any city would want to destroy a building like that. The “global anger” came from people who do not want Jews to live in parts of Jerusalem.

    In any other context, that attitude would be considered apartheid. In Israel, the world considers this “peaceful.”

    (In addition, AFP makes a factual error: only the right side of the structure was razed, not the entire building. Shouldn’t a reporter know that?)

    This bias that is so pronounced in just a single paragraph of a major news service story is hardly unusual. What makes it so insidious is that these memes are repeated so often, by so many different media outlets and politicians, that they have taken on the aura of truth. I do not believe that the AFP reporter and editors in this case are consciously thinking about choosing these phrases; the bias is so ingrained that they cannot even hope to notice it on their own. They honestly think that they are unbiased and that their words reflect the truth.

    The cumulative effect of such unthinking bias is devastating. An entire generation has been raised without even a thought that the news media might not reflect the truth about Israel. This subconsciously turns much of today’s youth against Israel, and they don’t even realize that they have been denied the other side of the story.

    Not that any of this would make AFP’s editors sleep any less soundly at night.

  4. AFP are known Arabists and Pallywood liars.

    The Arabist AFP printed a false story of a Jerusalem Rabbinical court sentencing a dog to stoning, because they thought the dog was the reincarnation of a lawyer. When the absurd story was proven to be false, the AFP quietly buried the story and resumed upon thinking of the next blood libel against Israel.

    In another attempt to blood libel the Jews, the Arabist AFP recently lied in an article entitled "Palestinian dies after Israel troops fire upon his car." When it was discovered the story was fabricated, the AFP retracted the story. The supposed source for the story was an unnamed Palestinian witness. They were fully wiling to run with the story until the AFP was caught in the lie. Then, once again, when they were caught in the lie, they quietly buried the story.

    In another attempt to blood libel the Jews, the Arabist AFP printed a story claiming an Israeli military operation in Gaza resulted in about a hundred casualties who were mainly children. When it was discovered the casualties consisted mostly of Islamic militants, and of the civilian casualties only a minority of them were Palestinians who were 16 or younger, the AFP was approached to post a correction. The AFP acknowledged the falsehood and subsequently stated they would print a correction. But the AFP did NOT print a correction. They simply reprinted the story without the erroneous phrase claiming the attack killed "mainly children."

  5. Look at how Pro Palestinian terrorist AFP are. I put what AFP said, then i respond.
    Israel hands Palestinians proposal to extend peace talks
    March 31, 2014

    AFP writes: "But the matter has become tied up with the fate of 26 veteran Palestinian prisoners whom Israel was to have freed this weekend under terms of an agreement which brought about a resumption of talks". AFP calls 26 cold blooded murderers "26 veteran Palestinian prisoners"; each of these terrorists killed kids while eating pizza with mom and dad, but to AFP these are unjustly imprisoned bunch. This phony reporting agency is an Anti-Israeli geopolitical group posing as a news agency, an agency that never writes anything remotely positive about Jews and/or Israel.

    My comments
    How AFP calls Palestinan prisoners 26 veteran Palestinian prisoners"
    When infact these 26 Palestinians were mass murderers who murdered Israeli civilians.

    A few weeks later, AFP has this article
    Palestinians rally for prisoners as peace talks falter

    AFP makes it like these Palestinian prisoners stole candy.
    These Palestinian prisoners are mass murderers who slaughtered Israeli civilians.
    Would the U.S free Charles Manson?

    Arnold Roth and Frimet Roth who lost their daughter in the Sbarros massacre in 2001 to one of these Palestinian Islamo Nazi prisoner terrorists, wrote 2 great articles about these prisoners.
    This is a must read.
    Op-Ed: PA Prisoners Are Hungry, But For What?
    Arnold Roth
    May 14, 2012
    Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere: A Mother’s Plea
    Frimet Roth
    April 2, 2014

    My comments.

    Yeah right! What you won't hear are what these murderous "Palestinian Heroes" , murderers and thugs did to land in Israeli prisons! Iike the Palestinian murderer and child rapist Kamal Awad Ali Ahmend who was serving a 47 year sentence for raping and then murdering a 13 year old Israeli boy! This "Palestinian Hero" was released last Summer in another "prisoners for peace" nonsense! What you also won't hear about from the main news media is how a congressional hearing last March 5, 2014 found that of the annual $500 million in US Tax Payer monies, 4 to 7 million was being paid in terrorist "stipends" by the "Palestinian Authority" (PA) to the families of these murderers and terrorists while they sat in Israeli prisons! This is approximately 6% of the PA operating budget! Yet no one in our government will raise any protests about this because of this tunnel vision for a so-called "Peace Process"! Some peace! Murderers and child rapists being paid at US Tax payer's expense while they murder Israeli citizens!

    I keep all of this in mind any time the Arabist AFP prints another of their tens of thousands of anti-Israel articles.

    Another article below detailing who these Palestinian mass murderers are.
    Unreported by the Guardian: Details on latest Palestinian prisoners to be released (& their victims)
    DEC 29 2013

  6. AFP wants to help Fatah destroy all Jewish history in Jerusalem by not telling people Fatah's racist goals.
    PA TV: Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood.
    Palestinian Authority TV:
    Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood -Jewish presence in Jerusalem will be erased from history.
    Aug. 17, 2011
    PA officials: Jews have ‘no right to pray’ at Western Wall.
    Judge Tayseer Al-Tamimi says Al-Aqsa Mosque, including Jewish holy site, is Islamic and belongs to Muslims alone.
    March 27, 2014.

  7. Look how AFP lies about Israel.
    I put what they wrote, then i responded after it. Here's an AFP article from 2 months ago in October.
    Palestinians attack new E.Jerusalem settler homes
    October 21, 2014

    "Palestinians hurled Molotov cocktails at an apartment building in a flashpoint east Jerusalem neighbourhood just hours after it was taken over by Jewish settlers"

    "Clashes erupted three weeks ago when settlers moved into more than 25 apartments in the area that they had purchased."

    My comments.

    Sorry but first you say "Taken over" and then you say "Purchased" This use of wording here is very problematic. Something that is legally purchased should not be called 'taken over', that is just causing incitement over nothing.

    I know the Arabs and AFP were happy when the Arabs from 48 to 67 they kicked out all the Jews from East Jerusalem and burned 58 temples.

    Meanwhile, rioting, violent, murderous and thieving Arabs are described in the most benign terms as if they are the good guys and victims by Arab Fiction Press.

    AFP should learn some history.

    This neighborhood of Silwan was established in the 19th century by Jewish immigrants from Yemen and most of its residents were Jewish. The Yemenite Jews living in Silwan were evacuated by the British authorities in 1938, during the Arab riots.

  8. Elder rebukes Reuters lies about Israel.
    Reuters chooses spin over facts
    December 01, 2014

    Luke Baker at Reuters wrote a highly biased article about Israel that nicely illustrates how journalists play games with the facts in order to push an agenda rather than report objectively.

    Let's fisk it a bit:

    A cartoon in Israel's left-leaning Haaretz newspaper showed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu studying a poster made by his publicity team of Mahmoud Abbas, the mild-mannered, soft-featured Palestinian president.

    The poster depicted Abbas looking fierce, with menacing eyes and bloodied fangs. A disappointed-looking Netanyahu turns to his aide and asks: "Can you lengthen his fangs a tad?"
    Spot the bias! Abbas is represented in the most positive way even though his speeches are every bit as fiery as any politician's.

    The prime minister has lost no time in casting Abbas as the devil in recent months, accusing him of inciting violence in Jerusalem that has lead to the death of 11 Israelis, including four rabbis stabbed and shot by Palestinians in a synagogue. Around a dozen Palestinians have also been killed, including several of those who carried out the attacks.

    While the head of Israel's security service says Abbas is not inciting unrest, and centrist politicians have warned Netanyahu against alienating the only partner Israel has in stalled peace negotiations, the prime minister shows no sign of letting up in his criticism of the 79-year-old Palestinian.

    The reason, in large part, is politics.
    Baker ignores the direct incitement that Abbas has been directing, not to mention the much more disgusting incitement in the media that is under his direct control and in the statements of leaders of his political movement.

    Abbas has said that he wants Arabs to defend Al aqsa Mosque 'by all means," which would naturally include killing Jews who are perceived as wanting to visit. Officials have called for religious war against Jews on PA-run TV. PA newspapers call murderers of rabbis "martyrs." Fatah social media is filled with antisemitic articles and cartoons.

    That is incitement. And it is not reported by Reuters.

    As well as demonizing Abbas, he has pushed a highly contentious bill that would establish Israel as the Jewish nation state, legislation critics say puts religion ahead of democracy and marginalizes the Arab minority.
    Can Reuters quote the part of the draft bill passed by the cabinet that puts religion ahead of democracy? No, because it isn't there.

    …[T]he upshot is the most hardline government analysts can recall.

    "This is the most right-wing government in Israeli history, much further to the right than the Menachem Begin or Ariel Sharon governments," said Menachem Klein, a professor of Israeli politics at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv.
    Ah, the old trick of finding "experts" that agree with the reporter's bias. As we have shown, Netanyahu's positions are well to the left of Yitzhak Rabin's, the Nobel Prize winner who never uttered the words "two state solution."

    But why look at facts when you can find an "expert" to contradict them?
    Combined with the nation-state bill, which would enshrine certain rights for Jews only…
    Really? Can you name one? Of course not! Baker is just assuming that what he reads in Haaretz must be true, because he likes its politics.

    Most of these aren't direct lies. Reuters editors can self-righteously say that they are merely quoting what some Israelis themselves are saying. But that is sophistry, not reporting. They knew what they wanted to report before a word was written and there was no objectivity – the exact opposite of how reporters are supposed to act.

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