Photo Credit: Tazpit News Agency
Police and the IDF find the vehicle and its driver suspected of having tried to run down Jews Thursday morning.

The family of Avi Ben-Tzion, who killed by a group of Arab men in the Shomron, is fighting to prove that he was murdered. The family held a press conference Sunday during which they revealed evidence about his death.

Police say Ben-Tzion was killed in a carjacking gone wrong – an explanation that his family dismissed as “an insult to our intelligence.”


His widow and children told Maariv that the men who killed Ben-Tzion ran over his body twice, indicating that his death was not a mere accident. “Police told us that the murderers did a u-turn, hit him, put the car in reverse, and hit him again. Does that not sound like they were confirming the kill? Does that not sound like murder?” they demanded.

The family noted that the Israel police has previously avoided describing attacks as “terrorism,” only to admit later that terrorism was involved.

Ben-Tzion was found three weeks ago at the Elon junction in the Jordan Valley, after having suffered serious physical trauma. He was taken to hospital in critical condition, and died a short time later.



  1. The police are trying to keep Jews in the dark about their murdering Palestinian neighbors so they'll keep going along with this suicide peace process. The police are committing crimes of omission by not telling the people the truth about these murders..The entire police depart. needs to be purged from the top down in order to cleanse it of this anti-Jewish attitude.

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