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Kosher l'Peseach phone ad / Photo credit: Srugim

An ad that was discovered by Srugim in Haredi neighborhoods calls on anyone who owns a mobile phone (as opposed to a Smartphone, which is utterly forbidden and may cause its owner to lose his or her place in the world to come) to buy a special, Passover-only mobile phone, because there’s no way to prevent one’s year-round mobile from becoming filled with crumbs of chometz (leavened foods) which could end up falling into one’s soup during the intermediary days of the holiday.

The ad cites warnings by “significant rabbis” that people would do well to purchase a special Passover phone, to allay any fear of chometz dropping into the food inadvertently.


Special kosher for Passover cell phones may be purchase now at a “subsidized cost” of 99 shekels $26.22. A short online search revealed that the offered price is pretty good for a cellphone without extra features. If you’re interested, the kosher l’Pesach phones can be purchased from Hant-Phone (Yiddish for handheld phone) in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem.

A joyous and kosher holiday.

Kosher l’Peseach phone ad / Photo credit: Srugim


  1. always cracked me up ! people who insist their family would wear 10 centuary garb women 1 step behind ( a fur trimmed hat in 110 degree weather) but insist on the latest technology ( a cell phone manufactured by non Jews no kosher stamp, and even invented by an adoptee ne Syrian…..

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