Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

The water level of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose to a half-centimeter above the Lower Red Line this morning, reaching 212.995 meters below sea level. The Kinneret lake is situated below sea level.

This is the first time in two years that the Kinneret’s water level has risen above the Lower Red Line.


The freshwater Sea of Galilee is expected to continue to rise as snow from the Hermon melts.

The Kinneret has three important demarcation lines:

The Upper Red line, which is the Kinneret’s maximum capacity, and the point where the Deganya Dam is opened. This level is 208.8 meters below sea level.

The Lower Red Line is the minimum level at which water can be pumped from the Kinneret without causing ecological damage to the freshwater lake. This level is 213 meters below sea level.

The Black Line is considered the point where the lake would become impotable. This level is 214.87 meters below sea level.

The Kinneret waterline decreases between 0.5 centimeters and 1 centimeter daily during the summer due to water evaporation.