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By Ben Biran

MK Yoav Kish (Likud) has called for repealing a law that prohibits the sale of new books at discount prices for a year and a half following their publication.


The law, referred to in Israel as the “Book Law,” was passed in November 2013 with the aim of regulating the prices at which new books are sold, thereby ensuring higher royalties for authors, bookshops and publishers.

But a year and a half later, the law seems to have backfired: according to recent surveys published in the Israeli media, the sale of new books has dropped by 35% since the law was introduced.

“The law has dealt a severe blow to the book market, creating an absurd situation in which legislative interference harmed a competitive and flourishing market,” Kish said today in a statement to the press.

Kish has proposed repealing the law, restoring previous regulations which allowed for new books to be sold at a discount immediately upon publication.



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