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Put aside any radical and fanatical thoughts that the madman who beheaded a woman in Oklahoma acted out of any beliefs that are connected to his new-found Muslim religion. The murder simply was no more and no less than “workplace violence.”

Who says so?


Sp says Melissa Victoria Harris-Perry, who also is a convert to Islam and is the host of her show on MSNBC. Harris-Perry was backed by her three stooges who nodded their robotic heads approvingly, two of them being controversial Muslim comedians.

Rest assured. The host insisted, “I think this to me is that there is a belief that at the core – I can also probably have breakfast that morning but we don’t think any of those things are relevant. But we do think that his conversion, jailhouse by the way, conversion is what is relevant.”

She has a point – on her head.

Beheading is not your everyday murder, and the fact that ISIS Islamic radicals have popularized the barbaric act has no more significance than Harris-Perry’s eating breakfast?

The question is, “What is Harris-Perry putting in her corn flakes?”

Apparently she is eating with laughing gas. For her, the only connection between radical Islam and the beheading carried out by Alton Nolen is in the imagination of radical and fanatical right-wingers who are looking for a Muslim terrorist behind every beheading carried out by a Muslim who posted radical and fanatical statements on his Facebook page,

All Muslims are not violent, just as all Jews are not money-lenders, an image that has dogged us even until today ever since Medieval Christian rulers barred Jews from respectable professions and left them with little opportunity except to be peasants or lend money..

Normal, moderate mainstream Muslims have allowed radical Islam to hijack their religion, but Harris-Perry has a remedy.

Meet funny Islam.

“We’ve gone on and on and on creating this language between Muslims and violence and we need to have a counter-narrative. We don’t. So what we need — that is what we are trying to do… Muslims are funny. That’s the new stereotype. Pass it around. Muslims are hilarious,” one of her stooges said.

If Harris-Perry were not serious she really would be funny.

Take a look for yourself in the video below of the excerpt from her show in which she calls the beheading “workplace violence.”




  1. Work Place violence??? This lady is a fricken idiot… stop this political correctness and call it like it is… The guy converted to radical islamic with postings on FB about beheadings and terrorism…DO THEY REALLY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID???? AMERICA NEEDS TO RISE UP AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  2. Neither Joe Scarborough nor Melissa Harris-Perry are right or wrong. Yes, it was a work place murder, yet another tragic such killing. And, yes, the killer was Muslim, fired for his aggressive efforts to convert his co-workers and he was inspired by the ISIS beheadings or by the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl. My guess: he killed for work place reasons and picked his method of killing by what he has seen from ISIS. Does it matter how we categorize this? We should just call it tragic.

  3. @Beth – how many more beheadings and the like need to happen in American soil before you get it? They are there and they will do what they have done in Europe – take over if not stopped. Making excuses and pretending it is something different is not to your advantage. (I’m using the words you and your in the plural)

  4. 9/11was also a spontaneous reaction to work place violence caused by the insult to Muslims by the crusaders. Is anyone reall surprised by anything said by those who find no fault in the most ignorant, incompetent, inexperienced person who ever served as Potus?

  5. I also understand from a piece i read awhile back that because of the classification of the ft. Hood inciden, our brave soldiers who were wounded and killed are not recieving the kind of help/benefits they or their sur ivors need and deserve. Makes me sick.

  6. Yep. lots of workplace violence incidents where we don't know the religion of the attacker… how many of them ended in a BEHEADING you Allah damned morons?
    Allah yerahmu ("Allah have mercy") it is indeed a miracle that so much stupid can be packed in to each one of those individuals or to anyone buying their BS.
    To quote one of my favorite movies albeit somewhat in a different context: "They're heee–eeere!"

  7. Hilarious. I guess because Alton was fired because he was pushing conversion on his coworkers and arguing in favor of stoning women. And because I've never heard of a non jihadi beheading anyone in the past few hundred years.

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