The leftwing Ir Amin (Heb: city of nations) has petition the High Court against the decision of the Jerusalem municipality and police to permit the traditional Jerusalem Liberation Day Parade of Flags to go through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City despite the fact that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan commences after nightfall on the same date. The petitioners argue that Muslim worshipers would not be able to move freely to their places of worship.

The Court ordered the State to respond by 2 PM Thursday.


The rightwing Am Kalavi (Heb: Lion-like Nation) NGO, which organizes the parade, called the petition a leftwing provocation intended to create a spit and to segregate Jews from the Old City of Jerusalem.


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  1. Can anyone explain why a Jewish (?) NGO petitions the High Court to have Jews banned from celebrating their victory over their mohammedan aggressors on the grounds that the march might restrict access to mosques at times they are not attended? Is Ir Amin serious or engaged in year long Purim Spiels? Or are they just Jew haters?

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