Photo Credit: Screenshot / Mizbakei Chadashot - Otef Yisrael

A woman was wounded on Shamgar Street in Jerusalem, near the Osher Ad supermarket, in a second terrorist stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Sunday morning, just after 10 AM.

Seeing the attack, a passing bus driver jumped from his bus, pulled the wounded woman onto his #418 bus and drove her away to safety.


The Arab terrorist then fled into a building construction site in the former Tnuva complex, in the Jerusalem Romema neighborhood, and security forces began searching the very large area.

Update: A suspect believed to be the terrorist has been captured in one of the building sites, after an hour long search.

The suspect, a 17.5 year-old-man from the PA territories has connected himself to the attack. Two additional Arabs from the PA were discovered in the building and also arrested.

The wounded woman, a foreign resident in her 30s, is in moderate condition with a knife wound in the back, and has been transported to Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

The suspected terrorist from the Shamgar St. attack – Nov. 29, 2015.
Police search for the terrorist in the former Tnuva complex in Romema – Nov. 29, 2015. Photo by TPS / Hillel Meir


  1. It's time to take these stabbings seriously.
    1) people should wear bullet proof vests
    2) Captured terrorists should know they will never
    be freed and no halal food will be served. You can't
    be religious and be prepared to kill women and children
    3) Their families should be banned from entering Israel proper
    nor work for any Jewish businesses or people.

  2. To the few who commented. As has been known since 1967, Israel will receive insane evil world condemnation for any action it takes. So, they might as well repatriate the millions of overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians back to Jordan & Egypt whence they came in 1967. Israel will receive the same condemnation from the paper tiger called "the world" as it will get for blowing up a house or withholding halal from a terrorist barbarian Muslim.

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