Israeli soldiers delayed the convoy of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah for the fourth time in a month on Tuesday, according to the PA’s official WAFA website.

It did not say how long the convoy was delayed but only stated that the soldiers stopped the vehicles to inspect identification cards of Hamdallah’s security force.


The Palestinian Authority “denounced the Israeli act and the demand by the soldiers to inspect the identity cards of Hamdallah’s guards.”

Given the fact that some PA security forces have carried out terrorist attacks in the recent as far as distant past, and given the lack of ability – if not cooperation – of the Palestinian Authority to stop attacks, it would seem not unreasonable for the IDF to check the guards” IDs.

The PA considers the inspections “provocation and harassment of the Palestinian leaders.”

The IDF stopped Hamdallah’s convoy earlier this month after soldiers noticed that Hamdallah’s car was being driven recklessly.


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