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Fatah, the military wing of the Palestinian Authority (Mahmoud Abbas) has called on shopkeepers to destroy their CCTV camera footage to prevent the IDF from using it to help find the kidnapped children.

This is a directive, posted on the official Facebook page of the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah organization, which is under the direct command of PA President Abu Mazen. It instructs local shopkeepers to burn and destroy all evidence that might enable Israel to identify and track down the kidnappers and the boys.

Press Fatah Network News Appeal to all owners of shops leading to the area that had been burned car in which the need for the burning and destruction of records for fear of surveillance to identify the kidnappers. God Crown success .. Multiply the Son of Hebron and resisted You are free and Ptsawm


UPDATE: Reports now add that Fatah terrorists confiscated security cameras from Hebron residents to avoid their seizure by the IDF.


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  1. They warned Israel time and again that they were going to kidnap Israelis, so that they could have prisoner swops and reign terror on Israel. And the World ” did nothing” they were silent. What did the World Not Understand???? Wait until it happens on their Home turf? Then they will sing a different tune

  2. The Judgement of Almighty God,Creator of All living things seen &unseen, Creator of the life of every human being, His great judgement is upon those those who kill, steal & destroy His people the Jews! He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel! And God has not changed a His mind! God help the Muslims to truly see God and know him personally as their Lord & savior!

  3. If it wouldn’t be wrong…I’d say kidnap 3 of their kids, disappear them well…and pass out treats, dance like fools, and so forth….”hinder” any search etc….until the other kids are returned…but it would be wrong…and they don’t care about children the way the rest of the world does, apparently.

  4. Obama will do nothing !
    The I D F will do things in there own way as usual may god bless Israel and who ever cursed Israel and its people it will fall back on them Four Fold
    Look what’s happening to every country in the Middle East that wants to destroy Israel they end up destroying themselfs !!!

  5. And let’s not mention the mosque that they building in ground zero, the same people who celebrated the death of 3000 innocent people in sep 11th.
    And Obama ok with that!!
    And the coast for this mosque more than $70 millions dollars , and who pay for that you think??

  6. If There is a small chance to built or to restore a mosque, that is wrong!!
    And the “sharia law” in Florida , that is sooo wrong !!
    What I’m trying to say is… That they are spreading their stupid religious and their stupid laws all over the world,and it’s a little bit shocking and sad for me to see it happening in America

  7. We have the same the problems here in Australia I believe they come live like us dress like us assimilate into society instead of building mosques and dressing in their stupid clothes running around trying to do things like they in their home country maybe I’d they don’t like the new country go back to the old one. They just want to build a mosque near Ground Zero as a kind of monument to their Jihad

  8. They have kidnapped 2 children and one young boy. They glorify killing and they have no respect for life. They celebrate when their own children become "martyrs" which is another word for murderer.
    Such hatred, such cruelty.

  9. In general Arabs Lie, if it is of their interest to lie. Americans Like Kerry are naïve, Obama sympathies with Arabs. Netanyahu should send the Palestinians in refugees camps in Jordan and Turkey with the Syrians refugees, for this land is Gods given land to the Jewish People.

  10. It hurts that the whole world hates us and loves the fake palestinians. Let's pray to G-d to push Bibi into military action. Notice Obama is silent even when one of them is an American. That should tell US Jews to make aliyah. Start preparing now, it takes over a year to get it done.

  11. Bibi needs to do something about this. There will NEVER be peace in Israel as the Palestinians do not want it. They lie through their teeth & say that it's Israel's fault there is no peace. There needs to be a solutions to getting rid of the Fatah & Palestine Authority & put in a non partisian gov't. Sure fat chance. See how it works in USA.

  12. Why is this not on all the news channels/papers all over the world as after all they are children. And why is the PA authority and Abbas, Obama and Kerry all over it to find them. It is very obvious that they are not interested in peace.

  13. Hanebuch Jhones No, but you evidently know exactly, in' squat about anything like history or facts. You could google/wiki for 10 seconds and figure out where the term even comes from. Guess what, has nothing to do with Arabs. It's a term the Romans in gee, another massive anti-Semitic period (oh wait, the world is constantly anti-Semitic) used to try and wipe the memory of Jews from history when they were pissed at us fighting back.

    There has a) never been a Palestinian state and b) the Arab Muslims set on destroying us Jews are simply using the term to again try and wipe Jews off the map completely.

    It's stunning! People like you just don't even see Islam for the scourge that it is.

  14. Iamme Iamme That'll require someone with an actual spine getting control of Likud probably (my vote's on Feiglin as he has dialed back some of his more extreme views such as on homosexuality). I like Naftali Bennett but as he's so new to things I'm not fully convinced he won't become an American lapdog if he gets power.

  15. Free 0ne deserter for 5 terrorists… Now 3 kidnapped kids for how many Murderers in Israeli jails ? ………. and you say Obama did not hand all our enemy's a winning hand ? Oh, and by the way B. Obama is the President of the United States — believe it or not !

  16. Every Palestinian in the West Bank and Gaza should know that their lives are in danger and not worth a nickel, as long as those 3 Yeshiva boys are not returned. Make the trade now–3 Israeli teenagers for 2 million Palestinian Arabs.

    If I were prime minister, I would immediately announce that if anything happens to those teens, there will be no Palestinian Muslim alive to negotiate any peace treaty…and I am not kidding!!!

  17. You're blaming President Obama? Are youy actually not aware that the Israelis have been freeing terrorists in exchange for captive Israelis and even dead Israelis for decades?

  18. Good for you, Irwin! I wholeheartedly agree with you! It is time that Israel stopped pussyfooting and stop caring what the rest of the world will say! It is our blood that is shed and not theirs. It is time to stop treating these murderers with kid gloves!

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