Photo Credit: Tazpit News Agency
A police vehicle that was attacked by Arab terrorists on July 8, 2015 in Abu DIs.

On Wednesday night, police captured a recidivist Arab terrorist who had been released in the Gilad Shalit deal.

The Maaleh Adumim police received intelligence information on a suspect in Abu Dis that was involved in terror attacks, including throwing firebombs and explosives at security forces.


During the operation, a police vehicle was severely damaged by Arab stone throwers, but no one policemen were injured.

In the Shalit deal, Israel released 1027 terrorists in exchange for Hamas releasing Gilad Shalit, whom they were holding hostage.

Yesterday, Hamas said there’s nothing to talk about (regarding negotiations for the Israeli hostages they’re currently holding), until Israel releases the 80 Shalit-deal terrorists that have since been rearrested.

Make that 81.


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  1. What does it take? There are people who will never accept peace. When David slew Goliath, he is credited for using a sling shot. In fact, that may have knocked out the giant, but David took a sword, and cut off his head. The same must happen to Hamas. More Amalek.

  2. Put terrorists in strict isolation until they die, then they can be returned in bags. There should be few terrorist prisoners because if they are caught committing acts of terror, shooting them dead on the spot will solve that issue. They are breathing air which could be used by humans.

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