Photo Credit: Ministry of Public Security

As gun owners in Israel know, if can often take months between ordering a gun license ID card until you get it.

The Ministry of Public Security announced a new online service. In case your license is lost or stolen you can go online, and print out a new license. The-home printed license is considered a valid license.


An official ID card will be mailed to you within 14 days.

The service will cost NIS 60.

Perhaps this is an indication that the turnaround time between renewing one’s license and getting the new ID card may become faster too.

Despite what many people think, gun control laws in Israel are very restrictive, and it’s not easy to get a license. Gun licenses requires regular renewal and practice on the range.

Only an estimated 157,000 Israeli civilians have privately-owned weapons, and another 135,000 have weapons that are not privately owned (i.e. guards). Those numbers exclude IDF issued weapons.

In most cases, licenses are also limited to a single weapon.