Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
Gazans receive their Qatari money. May. 19, 2019

Despite the fact that Hamas terrorists have renewed and escalated their attacks against Israel, Qatar will once again deliver a fresh installment of cash to poor families in the enclave on Tuesday.

Qatar’s deputy envoy, Khaled al-Hardan is slated to enter Gaza via the Erez Crossing, Ynet reported.


Explosive Balloons from Gaza Reach Beit Shemesh

The announcement came on the same day that a balloon bomb landed near the central Israeli city of Beit Shemesh, about 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem.

Gaza terrorists have been launching improvised explosive devices (IEDs) attached to huge clusters of balloons and sending them over the border into Israeli territory, where they land in various Israeli towns and cities, sometimes exploding before they can be defused by the bomb squad.