Israelis Can go to Qatar for 2022 World Cup Soccer Tournament

Previously, Israeli citizens could only enter Qatar for such events if they also held another nation’s passport.

Al Jazeera Reporter Killed in Jenin, Watch Video Proving Arabs Did It

"The Red Crescent immediately evacuated the body so we couldn’t check the ballistics that hit her.”

Survey: More UAE Citizens (55%) Like Israel than Do Americans (53%)

As a rule, in all the countries surveyed, the more the respondents knew about Israel, the higher was their level of sympathy.

Report: Qatar Hemorrhaging World Cup Sponsors Leery of Its Corruption, Abysmal Human Rights Record

The German national team wore T-shirts with the slogan “human rights” before a World Cup qualifying match last year.

Qatar Festival Awards Millions of Riyals to ‘Most Beautiful Camels’

A total 47 million Qatari riyal (approximately $12.9 million) was allocated to the winners in three camel categories.

Israel Business Jet ‘Identified with Mossad’ Lands in Qatar

“Kan 11” TV news report says the plane took off from Ben-Gurion Airport and made a stopover in Amman, Jordan.

Qatar Rules Out Normalizing Relations with Israel

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani said he does not envision the country joining the Abraham Accords “in the absence of a real commitment to a two-state solution” between Israel and the Palestinians.

Qatar to Invest $60 Million in Israeli Gas Pipeline to Gaza

The “Gas for Gaza” initiative seeks to see natural gas pumped from Israel's Leviathan gas field into the Gaza Strip, according to Arab media.

No Coupons, No UN Intermediaries: Hamas Manages Qatar’s Contribution Directly via Oil Sales

Hamas employs about 50,000 civil servants of varying ranks in Gaza, including teachers and doctors.

Senior Hamas Official: ‘Fuel Financed by Qatar Will Be Sold by Hamas to Pay...

This way, Qatar is not directly sending money to Hamas, bypassing the problem of sending them money.

Qatar Restarts Cash Payments to Gazans, Using UN Credit Cards

Israel must approve individuals receiving aid to ensure that money goes to the poor and not to Hamas.

Qatar Rules Out Normalization with Israel Because of ‘Occupation’

“The core of the problem is political, as long as the peace process is not addressed, you cannot just count on economic normalization,” said Qatar's foreign minister.

Israeli PM Bennett: ‘Examining Various Alternatives’ for Transferring Money to Poor Gaza Families

Bennett said he “will formulate a position" after he is presented with the various possibilities.

‘Arab Zionism’ Buys Up Israel’s Historic Settlements, Erasing Jewish Presence in Galilee

Gulf states such as Hamas's patron, Qatar, may be seeking to redeem Israeli land with their enormous cash reserves.

Israel, Qatar, UN Reach Deal for Cash Deliveries to Gaza

Defense Minister Gantz said he worked with Qatar "to ensure the money reaches those truly in need, while maintaining Israel's security needs."

Gaza Factions Losing Patience Following Difficulties in Transferring Qatari Funds

PA Banks don't want to transfer the money to Hamas terrorists which opens them up to being shut down.

Report: Palestinian Authority Banks Not Cooperating with Qatari Deal to Transfer Funds to Gaza

The banks seem to be concerned by the prospect of being exposed to terror-financing legal action.

Senior Hamas Leader: ‘Qatari Money Will be Transferred to Hamas, PA Banks Only Conduit’

Hamas does not agree to waive the payment of wages to its 27,000 civilian administration employees of the Gaza Strip.

Agreement reached Between PA and Qatar on Transfer of Funds to Gaza

There appears to be no information about Israel's vow this past May not to allow Qatari fund transfers into Gaza until two living and two dead Israeli captives are returned.

Palestinian Authority Blocking UN-Qatar Aid to Gaza

Under the plan, "Qatari grant funds will be transferred through the United Nations to be distributed to poor families in the Gaza Strip."

No More Cash Suitcases: Israel, Egypt, Want Hamas to Approve Qatari Money Transfers Via...

The Lapid-Bennett government must be challenged to show that it's not just code for cash to pay Hamas employees.

Hamas Demands Its Members be Added to List of Families Supported by Qatari Grants

The PA has no way to determine who in Gaza actually receives the Qatari money.

Lapid-Bennett Government Decides: No More Qatari Cash Suitcases to Gaza

Perhaps Israel should set some of those cash suitcases on fire right outside the border fence.

Hamas Leader in Gaza Demands Immediate Transfer of Qatari Cash

A delay in receiving money would lead to a security escalation, said Yahya Sinwar during a meeting with the U.N.’s envoy to the Middle East.

Qatar Offers Hamas-Ruled Gaza $500 Million to Rebuild

The Gulf state has long supplied Hamas with money and certain goods.

Qatar, UN & EU Team Up to Build Gas Line to Gaza from Israel

It's believed the European Union is funding installation of the gas pipeline on the Gaza side of the border; Qatar is handling the installation of the gas pipeline on the Israeli side of the border.

Man of the Year 2020: Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed

MBZ is committed to a counter-jihad while amassing a staggering wealth and constructing a formidable military and police force.

Gulf States, Saudis, Crave Israel’s Iron Dome, Arab Media Reveal

The Saudi crown prince inquired about purchasing various types of Israel-made air defense systems.


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