Latest Hamas Stalling Strategy: ‘Agree to Egyptian-Qatari Ceasefire Deal’

"The proposal that Hamas agreed to is different from the proposal that Israel agreed to."

Report: Qatar Pulling Strings on US Campuses, While Muslim Brotherhood Funds SJP, JVP, University...

"The Qatari regime's goal and the Muslim Brotherhood's goal is to remove and isolate, distance Israel from the West and from the United States, to destroy it."

Qatar ‘Re-Evaluating’ Position as Mediator in Hostage Talks

Qatar's premier said his country's position was being "misused" for "narrow political interests."

Hamas: Hostage Deal? What Hostage Deal?

Now everything appears to be hanging in the air again.

Knesset Passes Law to Close Qatar’s Al Jazeera Network in Israel

Israeli lawmakers and government officials have for years expressed the desire to shut down Al Jazeera.

‘Al Jazeera’ Deletes Fake News Reports of IDF Rapes in Gaza Hospital

The fabricated story, which went viral on Arabic social media, accused Israeli soldiers of raping Gazan women during the IDF's ongoing operation in Gaza City's Shifa Hospital.

US Taps Qatar to Fund Gaza Pier, Selects Hamas-Linked Contractor

An Israeli source said the involvement of Qatar and Al Hisi in constructing the pier “is absolutely against the Israeli security interest.”

Israeli Delegation Heads to Doha for More Hostage Talks

The office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a brief statement on Friday that Hamas "is continuing to hold to unrealistic demands" in the talks.

Blinken’s Bait and Switch: First a Ceasefire, Later the Hostages’ Release

On February 29, releasing the hostages brings on a ceasefire, on March 5, a ceasefire can bring the hostages home. God willing.

‘We Can’t Trust Qatar,’ Analyst Warns as Israel Evaluates Claims That Hostages Received Medicine

Medicines were found unopened in a Gaza hospital. The hostages never received them.

Qatar Says Hostages Talks ‘Not Promising’ While Hamas Pulls Out

Hamas: "The movement intends to suspend negotiations until aid is brought into northern Gaza."

Israelis Overwhelmingly Reject US, Arab Plan for Palestinian State

"The October 7 lesson is that retreat brings terror. The October 8 lesson is that the Palestinian Authority = Hamas, with the same motivations, only with less capabilities. "Kfar Saba will not be Kfar Gaza."

Netanyahu Nixes Israeli Return to Cairo Hostage Talks, Cites ‘Delusional’ Hamas Stance

The Israeli delegation led by Mossad director David Barnea returned home Tuesday from the talks empty-handed, with Hamas not budging on any of its demands.

Freed Hostages Say Prescribed Medication Never Delivered to Them in Gaza

French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne warned during his visit to Israel that there would be "serious consequences" if it was discovered that the medications were not delivered as promised.

Israeli Government Approves Banning Al Jazeera

“In the morning, a journalist on the Al Jazeera channel, and in the evening, a Hamas terrorist!”

IDF Reveals Al Jazeera Reporter is a Hamas Commander

"Who knows how many details we will reveal about the presence of other terrorists in journalistic garb in the near future!"

Hamas Denies Hostage Deal, Says Qatari Statement ‘Not Correct’

"There is no agreement on the framework yet and Hamas has significant remarks. The Qatari statement has hastiness in it and is not correct."

Smotrich: Qatar ‘Largely Responsible’ for Oct. 7 Massacre

The Arab Gulf state attacked PM Netanyahu for alleged remarks about Doha's role as a mediator between Israel and Hamas in hostage talks.

Qatar Calling Netanyahu “Irresponsible and Destructive” for Ruining Its Reputation

Qatar hosts the Hamas political leadership, who famously stay in five-star hotels in the capital Doha.

Qatari Poll: Only 5% of Arabs in Middle East Oppose Oct. 7 Massacre of...

8,000 Arabs in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen and the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria were surveyed.

Report: Israel Offers Two-Month Ceasefire for Staged Release of All Hostages; Hamas Says No...

Israel's War Cabinet approved the proposal 10 days ago and is still awaiting a response, according to Axios.

First Qatari Plane with Medicine for the Hostages Lands in Sinai

According to the agreement, Israel will receive proof that the medicines reached the hostages.

Qatar Announces ‘Pause’ to Liquified Natural Gas Shipping via Red Sea

QatarEnergy, the world's second largest exporter of liquified natural gas, has thus far stopped at least four tankers from transiting the Red Sea due to the ongoing attacks.

Feds: Senator Menendez Was a Qatari Agent

Despite his alleged illegal ties with Arab governments, Senator Menendez has been one of Israel’s friends in Congress.

Qatar Uses Israeli Hostages to Extend Lifeline to Hamas

While the US pressures Qatar to expel Hamas leaders from its territory, Doha is instead trying to leverage its mediation to secure the terror groups’ future in the Gulf state.

Scared Hamas Officials Exit Qatar, Shut Down Cellphones

The terrorist leaders left for Algeria, Beirut, Iran and other countries.

Hamas Projects Confidence in Face of Shin Bet Chief’s Vow to Turn on the...

Late last October, Israel announced the formation of a special Mossad and Shin Bet unit to pursue Hamas leaders at home and abroad.

Israeli Negotiating Team Ordered Back from Qatar, Talks at a ‘Dead End’

Hamas did not meet its obligation to release all the women hostages as agreed and by Friday 5 am was firing rocket attacks at Israel again.


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