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( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s envoy to Turkey and incoming Mossad chief, current National Security Adviser Yossi Cohen, met in Zurich on Wednesday with Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu to finalize the principles of an agreement to normalize ties, Ha’aretz reported Thursday. Essentially, Israel agreed to pay $20 million as compensation for the Turkish Mavi Marmara crew members who, during a 2010 attempt to break through the blockade on the Gaza Strip, assaulted IDF special forces attempting to take control of the ship and were killed as a result.

The compensation money will be transferred to a special fund that will in turn provide grants to the families of the Turkish citizens who were killed or injured in the takeover of the Mavi Marmara. The Turkish parliament will then cancel all charges against Israel, the two countries will renew and normalize their ties and return their ambassadors to Tel Aviv and Ankara.


Then, after the final agreement has been signed, Turkey and Israel will discuss a gas pipeline agreement, with Turkey buying gas from Israel’s offshore oil fields, and the laying of a gas pipeline that would run through Turkey, enabling Israel to export gas to Europe.

As an added bonus, Turkey will expel Hamas military wing senior leader Salah Aruri who is currently sitting in Istanbul and from there operates a terrorist network in Judea and Samaria. In fact, Hamas activities will be greatly restricted in Turkey altogether.



  1. Endorgan is a blood sucking Terrorist… he bleeding the EU , so the refugee wont keep crossing the border along with infiltrade Isil minions… @ Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו (Engorgan will money grab ya’ll and them stab ya’ll in the back..

  2. I hope Netanyahu is tried after he leaves office. That would be justice after he apologised to Turdkey when he should’ve apologised to our soldiers for sending them aboard the Marmara with paintball guns!

    This comes on the same day Netanyahu signed the gas deal. Obviously, Israeli gas will be piped through Turdkey. Israel should’ve gotten together with Cyprus and Greece and built our own pipeline and avoided all this. But like always, Bibi never likes to stand up to Obama…

  3. $20,000,000 is a very small amount of money in light of the huge profitability of the pipeline for Israeli Natural Gas shipments to Europe. However 1 cent is too much money for compensation to the families of terrorists. Turkey gets to save face, Israel renews a friendship with Turkey especially in light of Russia's fight with Turkey. As far as deals go, this is a win win for everyone as long as we don't admit fault for the terrorists killed by the I.D.F. in a defensive role.

  4. There goes Israel being the stupid again, ready to be BACKSTABBED , Bibi is losing credibility, Erdogan after he spent $35 Million to build a personal Palace, he needed an additional $20 Million to continue the construction and…….Bibi just gave it to him; which open the doors to send more Turkish Flotillas ( double haul ships) loaded with weapons and Explosives for Hamas in Gaza, HASHEM IS WITH ISRAEL but, Israel leaders end up selling the country out.

  5. Roger Miranda English is my fifth language what
    about you ?
    I said you true enemy is Erdogan he never said
    One nice word about ISRAEL
    In fact his statements about ISRAEL at Turkish TV
    Been very hateful
    During the Gaza ISRAEL conflict he encouraged
    Muslims to boycott jewish products
    Just some basic information

  6. Five of the six ships allowed Israeli forces to board without any incident. Turkish mercenaries wielded bats, iron bars & knives was more like an “Islamic raid or conquest” (IHH members)

    Before the appeasement of compensation, I'd have given Putin time to remove the current Turkish Caliph

  7. Can't for the life of me understand why Israel would pay off people who attack them.
    Seems Israel is like a "battered wife"–so beaten up all the time that they start to think that they as victims are the aggressors.

    Was recentlly in Turkey and none of the Turks i spoke to could stand Erdogan. All the educated ones think he's a dishonest, pro-Islamist slime who's himself behind the "terrorist" attacks in Turkey.

    And in Israel. Pathetic.

  8. Sorry most of you don't see the big picture…Israels payment is a small investment. ..the Turks need to show their incecurity assess to justify doing business with the Jews..Putin opened a door so by end of the day it's a great opportunity for Israel. .nothing to do with penalty payments..The Jews were and is always smart. ..
    Multi billion dollar Gas deal to Europe who are scared from zrussian energy dependency. …Mazel Tov.

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