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Israel's Supreme Court at Night

A study initiated by the NGO Regavim shows clear bias in the Israeli Supreme Court against Jews in Judea and Samaria.

The report was a followup of a 2010 report that showed similar discrimination by the Supreme Court against petitions emerging from the Right. The 2014 report showed some improvement, but nothing significant.


The study reviewed case files from 2005 to 2013 that were submitted by both sides of the political debate regarding illegal construction in Judea and Samaria- from the Left (Peace Now, Yesh Din, B’Tzelem, Arabs), against illegal Jewish constuction, and from the Right (Regavim), against illegal Arab construction.

The study examined 54 cases. 29 cases were filed by Leftwing and Arab groups, and 25 cases were filed by Rightwing groups.

The study specifically examined how the court dealt with each case, in terms of procedure and time.

The study compared the amount of time the court took to respond, how long the court left the case open, how many injunctions were issued, and how many times the Chief Justice decided to preside over the case from each side.


Points of Comparison  

Leftwing Petitions against illegal Settler construction

Rightwing Petitions against illegal Arab construction

Time to initial response

23 Days

52 Days

Intermediate injunctions



Conditional injunctions



Participation of Chief Justice



Time until first court hearing

250 Days

369 Days

Number of discussions



Active lifetime of petition

36 months

21 months


The official overview can be found here.

The full report (in Hebrew) can be found here.

The study unfortunately uncovered clear and undeniable political discrimination by the Israeli Supreme Court, indicating the court is unquestionably political inclined to favor Leftwing petitions, giving them preferential treatment.

Regavim called on the court to do “Cheshbon Nefesh” (soul searching), regarding their exposed bias.

But will soul searching be enough?


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  1. This should hardly come as any surprise. The unfortunate situation in Israel is that the Supreme Court has arrogated to itself the authority to nullify any legislation enacted by the Knesset with which it disagrees. This is but one governance reform that is sorely needed in Israel.

  2. In their conceit and self-righteousness, the left wingers in the judiciary delude themselves into believing that by favoring the Arabs and left-wing NGOs they are being impartial, democratic and tolerant. Instead, they are the opposite — biased, myopic, authoritarian and dishonest. They are out of place in a democratic system and lack the self-restraint necessary for an independent judiciary.

  3. Israel is a clear cut case of a nation that has gone insane.

    The country is in need of a dictatorship of sorts to end the rot that has set in from hostile NGOs (both local and foreign), to the Supreme Court and the leftist dominated media and military hierarchy. In particular, a military that forever ends every conflict inconclusively and prematurely. A military which gives advance warnings to the enemy and refuses to have a strategy which includes the unconditional surrender of a terrorist enemy.

    Clearly, on all fronts, Israeli democracy and leadership is a disaster waiting to happen. God save Israel from itself because no one else will.

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