Photo Credit: Courtesy of Arami family
Netanel Roi Arami

A Petach Tikva court has removed the gag order surrounding the death of Netanel Arami (27) in September.

Arami was murdered in a Petach Tikva construction site, after someone cut his ropes, as he was repelling down the side of the building.


The police immediately placed a gag order on details of the event and the investigation, while Arami’s family fought to have the gag order lifted to have the terror attack exposed for what it was.

Three Arabs were arrested at the time as possible suspects, but then released. The investigation is still ongoing.

The lifting of the gag order allowed Netanel Arami’s to reveal they received a document from the police categorizing Arami’s death as a “victim of a hostile action”, or in other words, a terror attack.

Arami’s mother said she is angry that neither the Israeli President, the Prime Minister or any other official government representative came to the Shiva to offer their condolences.

She is demanding that the President come now to pay his respects. She said it is important that people know her son died in a terror attack because he was a Jew, and that the attempts to silence the truth [by the police] didn’t work.

Arami’s mother called on the security services to continue their investigations and arrest her son’s killers.



  1. I feel that Gaza is not the place to banish the terrorists to. They would then be with more people like them. Anyone banished should be removed from Israel, the West Bank part of Israel and the Gaza part of Israel. Remove the terrorists and, maybe, their family too…never to return.

  2. From the time that this happened, till now, nobody truly believed that 2 safety cables would fail. One is the backup to the other. When this occured, Israel was on the brink of war. They tried making this a non-issue. But, we all knew, didn't we?

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