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After a roadside bomb exploded near Otniel

A masked terrorist exploded a roadside bomb on the road north of Otniel, in the Har Hebron region, according to a TPS report. There is an alternative report that the terrorist threw a pipe bomb.

The attack happened on Friday morning, around 7:30 AM. The Har Hebron Regional Council said the attack was on the road between Otniel and Beit Hagai.


The bomb exploded just as the car passed by, causing light damage to the front of woman’s vehicle from a fragment that penetrated into the front of the vehicle.

The woman (30), a resident of Otniel, said she saw a masked man on the road.

She passed him and said something didn’t look right.

There was then what she described as a large explosion from the ground below her car that blew dirt all over the place. She was not injured in the attack.

She, wisely, didn’t stop and drove to safety until she reached Kiryat Arab.


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