Photo Credit: U.S. State Dept.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, photo taken April 9, 2015.

While bicycling outside of Geneva, near Sconzier, France, US Secretary of State John Kerry crashed his bicycle into a curb and broke his leg.

Kerry was transported by helicopter to Geneva’s main hospital. He was reported to be conscious and stable, according to AP.


Kerry was holding nuclear talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Once he’s out, Kerry will be heading back to Boston, calling off the rest of his 4 nation diplomatic tour, which included a planned trip to Spain and Paris.

Get well.



  1. Yeah, get well, but, please, don't hurry on anyone's account! People who hate Israel and want them destroyed never take into account, the fact that God promised He would never abandon Israel. The fact Israel is still alive and kicking, despite all the attempts by others, throughout the centuries, to destroy them, is proof He keeps His promises. Israel will never fall!

  2. Well, when I see his leg in a cast – I'll believe it. Someone had to say,"It's to bad he didn't hit his head on the curb". ! So I'll say it after all the lies he has told about our armed forces killing and raping across the country side in S. Naum…. Remember ? Can you believe that this complete nimcompoop is our Secretary of State ?

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