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Muslim cleric Sadr and John Kerry.

A lot of negative adjectives can be used to describe U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, but calling him a terrorist is a bit much.

Shi’ite Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has labeled Kerry as a “terrorist,” the Shi’ite web site and Iraqi reported Saturday.


Al-Sadr ranted that Kerry does not have the right to rate who is the “terrorist” and labeled Israel “a spoiled son” for America.

The Muslim cleric, in response to a question about Kerry’s statement in Israel this past week that an Arab who stabs a Jew is guilty of a “terrorist act,” said:

We do not need his silly and biased opinion; he doesn’t have the right to rate who is the terrorist.




  1. The American Left are atheists and agnostics, for the most part. And they believe that the rest of the world shares their world view: namely, that this is all there is; there is no reason not to be selfish, as there are no ultimate repercussions for it; and, everyone will see the superiority of your worldview, for cash payments.

    The Left believes the religion is an opinion. They do not see it as a worldview, as a way of life, as a matter of eternal life or death.

    The Left ultimately do not believe in anything; they assume, wrongly, that everyone else is just like them, as they are the smartest people on earth.

    If you believe in nothing, isn't money and power, and possessions in the here and now, the ultimate reality, for you?

    The Left thinks that as long as you throw money at anything, it will selfishly follow them, to their advantage.

    The Left are so damned smart, that they know that the future is meaningless. it is as adjustable as their morals and their conscience. So, anything goes.

    The Left is so damned smart, that the idea that they can constantly be played by people with real convictions, simply cannot enter into their heads.

    There are those on the right, who are just as selfish and cynical. No wonder there is an escatology!

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