Photo Credit: Hamad Almaat/Flash 90
Israeli soldiers patrol by the Lebanese border near Metula

On Wednesday morning an IDF post in the Metula area, near the Lebanese border, was fired on, the IDF Spokesperson’s Office reported, suggesting these may have been stray bullets. One IDF soldier was injured from a shrapnel that was blocked by his dog tag. He was evacuated to a nearby emergency room with a minor chest injury.

There were no other casualties and the event is being investigated.


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  1. Basaed on my limited persional combat experence I find the dog-tag stoping shrapnel hard to believe. I have seen shrapnel, from 82 mm morters, punch holes through the one-millimeter thick steel walls of a conex. I have seen shrapnel, from 82 MM morters, punch holes competly through doors of militery two and a half ton trucks.

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