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{Originally posted to the blogger’s website, My Right Word}

Peter Beinart came to Hebron.


He came to demonstrate against the “occupation”.

The real story, however, is here.

In short, he and his friends

–  squatted on property an Arab claims is his (but it isn’t and that’s another part of the
so-called ‘occupation’ tale)

–  and they “helped” him by ripping up all his weeds – which is the fodder for his goats and
thus deprived him of food for his livestock

–  and then they conducted a sit down which got their Israeli counterparts arrested, but
when they left, theIsraeli were still in jail while they were off to lunch

–  all there while they were singing civil rights songs.

What a buffoon!


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Yisrael Medad resides in Shiloh and is a foreign media spokesperson for the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities.