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View of the Cave of the Patriarchs and Tel Rumeida neighborhood, where archaeologists have begun digging in hopes of finding remnants of King David's Palace.

18th of Av – 85 years ago today (August 24th on the Gregorian calendar) the ancient Jewish community of Hebron was massacred and destroyed.

67 Jews were killed by their Arab neighbors. The British authorities, who ruled in the Land of Israel at the time, then evacuated the remaining Jewish survivors.


This massacre was part of the 1929 Arab riots, when the Arabs also massacred the Jewish residents of Safed (Tzfat).

Some Jews tried to return to their homes in 1931, but were then evacuated in 1936, when once again the Arabs rioted.

It wasn’t until 1967 that Jews were able to return to the ancient Jewish city of Hebron.

1929 is 38 years before there were any “settlements”, and follows thousands of years of Jewish residency in Hebron.



  1. Some things never change. There was a war waged against Muslims that lasted 770 years….and here were are again. As a young nation, the USA sent troops to Tripoli to stop the Barbary pirates….the MARINES were born as “leathernecks” during that fight.

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