Photo Credit: courtesy, Hatzalah Without Borders

Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital reports that Nahum Nevies, who, along with his sister Noam, was wounded in the ramming attack near Elazar in Gush Etzion, on August 16, has regained full consciousness.

Nevies is communicating with his family, able to follow commands and is slowly recovering,


He was transferred today from the neurosurgical intensive care unit to a regular inpatient ward.

17-year-old Nahum arrived at Hadassah in critical condition, with a serious head injury.

He was immediately operated on by neurosurgeon Dr. Samuel Moskowici and anesthesiologist Dr. Abu-Jaris Thamer, in a complex surgery that saved his life.

His family who has been beside him constantly calls on the public to continue to pray for his recovery, and to avoid visits, as he is still weak and in need of rest and further treatments.


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