Photo Credit: STR/Flash90

The Arabs in the Palestinian Authority like to co-opt things that don’t belong to them… Israel, Yeshu… and now Santa Claus.

Meet Palestinian Terrorist Santa…


Now when did Santa start carrying a slingshot?

Palestinian Terrorist Santa about the shoot a gas canister…

It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to check under Palestinian Terrorist Santa’s coat, just to make sure he’s not Suicide Santa — “Ho Ho Boom!”



  1. Israel emboldens this activity. A simple silution,
    anyone caught throwing stones … The entire
    village where this animal lived gets
    DEMOLISHED and everyone is moved to Jordan
    Egypt. Not a make believe demolition for the news
    and then maybe a ROOM is destroyed in the hut.
    The entire village is destroyed. Do it once, twice
    And the stone throwing, car killing. Shul murders
    are done

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