Photo Credit: Nasser Ishtayeh / Flash 90

A resident of eastern Jerusalem attempted to ram Border Police forces near Ramallah, hitting an armored vehicle and causing significant damage, on Thursday.

The terrorist was shot and seriously injured, and was taken to the Sha’are Tzedek hospital for treatment. No Israeli forces were hurt during the attack.


Border Police troops embarked on an undercover operation in the Al-Amri refugee camp, and arrested two residents suspected of involvement in terror. As the troops were leaving, the terrorist crashed his car into their armored vehicle, and then exited his vehicle with a knife, attempting to stab the Border Police troops. The troops shot the terrorist, stopping the attack with no Israeli casualties.

After the incident, residents began rioting, throwing rocks and firebombs at the security forces present. Border Police responded with riot disposal methods.

The Border Police Spokesperson Unit published a statement about the incident, commending the troops for successfully thwarting the attack.

“Any attempt to hurt Border Police forces will meet a strong and determined response from the forces, who act day and night to thwart terrorism and maintain the security of Israel,” the statement read.


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Aryeh Green is the author of "My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Holy Land." He is the Chief Strategic Officer at Gigawatt Global solar energy company and former advisor to Natan Sharansky & executive/consultant for leading Israeli companies. He is an inspiring speaker with unique perspectives on Israel and Jewish issues. Aryeh Green can be reached at [email protected]