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The US airbase in the İncirlik quarter of the city of Adana, in southern Turkey, were closed by Turkish police Saturday, Hurriyet reported. The report followed images on twitter showing Turkish police sealing off the airbase. Incirlik is a critical American airbase, from which NATO forces launch airstrikes against ISIS. It also contains nuclear weapons.

According to RT, some 7,000 police armed with rifles in heavy armored TOMA vehicles surrounded the Incirlik air base, a move which a Turkish government minister called a “security check.”



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  1. Is it Erdogan's intentions to become a religious dictatorship in the model of Iran, who was also a strong ally of America until President Jimmy Carter threw the Shah under the bus?? Will President Barack Obama mimic Jimmy Carter during this extremely important crisis and throw our national security under the bus? Is America to lose the single most important NATO ally in the most strategic area of the Middle East because of Obama's [and Clinton's] feckless, reckless, and dangerous foreign policies over the last 7-plus years? God help us if Hillary Clinton becomes president…… will be more of the same foreign policy blunders as America and her allies have suffered under Obama and his administration; and making our world a much more dangerous place.

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