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While there’s no problem in Iran to yell out “Death to America” or “Death to Israel”, don’t you dare paint graffiti on a wall saying, “Death to Haman”.

Two 17-year-old Jewish boys have been arrested in Tehran, the Iranian capital, for writing that message on a building’s wall as part of a Purim prank, according to Maariv.


Iranian police have been informed that the act was not a political one and simply connected to the upcoming holiday. The police said the would release the boys, but haven’t done so yet.

Purim is the Jewish holiday that commemorates the rescue of the Jewish community of Persia (Iran) from the genocide and destruction that the evil Haman had planned for them.

The Jewish people will be celebrating Purim next week, reading the Book of Esther, having a festive meal (often with alcohol), giving charity to the poor, and sending food packages to friends and family.


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  1. Why would a Jewish family with kids want to remain living in Tehran? Now these 2 teens might have a difficult time being released or possibly given a hard sentence by "terroist law"., After all, It's a Terrorist Muslim country governed by Komeni.

  2. Thamar Eilam Gindin True, however, after his death he was replaced by another leader they gave the last name Khomeina. He lives today, strongly resembles the old Khomeina with turbin & beard. How many Jews do you know who are just dying, chomping on the bit, waiting to go to Iran? Maybe you know some. I'm curious.

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