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JDAMs being loaded on a ship.

The U.S. Defense Department has announced it will supply Israel with 3,000 upgraded Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) kits for $82 million, Jane’s Defense Weekly reported.

The shipment will be completed by November 2016, and Janes said that the contract is a “modification to a $307.5 million award made to Boeing in October for baseline JDAM tail-kits for Morocco, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates.”


The upgraded JDAM turns unguided bombs into ”smart bombs” by using a GPS guidance system.

The Iranian-controlled PRESS TV latched on to the news for anti-Israel propaganda, which was promptly picked up by the popular Reddit site.

PRESS TV told its readers in its typical style, “The US military aid to Israel has prompted several demonstrations across the country against such deals. American protesters argue that the US taxpayer money is used for more Israeli aggression against Palestinians.”

The post on Reddit prompted some anti-Israel comments, fulfilling the goal of PRESS TV, such as:

 The Pro-Israel Lobby, headed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has been called the NRA of foreign policy lobbies, “a hard-edged, pugnacious bunch that took names and kept score.” The almost-unilateral popular support of Israel in America, not to mention the nearly $3 billion in aid the country receives every year, did not come about by accident. It’s the result of over 50 years of hard lobbying. Politicians and pundits alike are quick to support the Jewish state, and reluctant to criticize it. Pro-Israel groups such as AIPAC spent close $4 million last year, ensuring that US-Israel ties will remain strong. The Pro-Israel lobby remains one of the strongest and most influential foreign-policy lobbies in the US.

Readers noted that the report came out on Black Friday, when Americans celebrate that day after Thanksgiving by boosting the Gross National Product.

One person wrote, “More like Black Sabbath.”

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