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Yehuda Glick at Shaarei Tzedek hospital, surrounded by his family, doctors and emergency personnel who saved him.

(Shaarei Tzedek Hospital) Rabbi Yehuda Glick gave a touching and emotional press conference to a full room of reporters on Monday night, thanking God, his family and especially the doctors at Shaarei Tzedek who worked for the past 25 days to keep him alive and help him recuperate.

Glick recounted what the assassin told him right before he was shot.


The assassin said that he is sorry, but he has to shoot Glick because Glick is desecrating Al Aqsa Mosque.

At the press conference Glick said that the only one who is desecrating Al Aqsa and Islam are those that kill in the name of their religion. Glick added that at the hospital he was treated by Jewish and Arab doctors and caretakers working side by side.

Glick said, the Arabs who are sanctifying Al Aqsa and Islam are those Arabs who are saving lives, like those on the hospital staff who treated him.

Glick was released from the hospital.


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  1. This is the face of Truth. Unyielding against all the Big Lie propagandists such as Erekat, Ashwari and their fellow travelers who mock history by making cartoons of Bibi flying a jet into the WTC. Heroic. Weep all you sheep, chickens and ankle biters. You are all insects, grasshoppers. This is what it means to be a man today. To take real, live, life threatening fire and wake not dividing the world on phony lines of Jew and Arab but simply along lines of Love and hate. Weep, you nothings. How dare you utter even a single word against a man such as this.

  2. Shaarei Zedek was amazing in every step of the way including the administration, The Surgery teams, nursing staff, ICU and so much more – A lot of credit goes to Mada Team headed by Aron Adler that got Yehudah to the hospital as fast as possible and got the trauma teams activated in advance!!

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