Photo Credit: Screenshot: Palestinian Media Watch
Palestinian Authority TV broadcasts incitement from children's school theater.

The video sharing YouTube service has quietly reinstated the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) watchdog account.

Without fanfare or announcement, the PMW videos that expose Palestinian Authority media incitement against Israel and Jews have been reinstated to the site.


The video sharing site suspended the media watchdog’s account last Thursday for allegedly violating its “terms of service” by exposing the violent incitement broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV.



  1. Like many others, I imagine, I wrote to Google about the need for the world to see the vile teachings of the Palestinians on TV. I told them this was reporting a news situation that is important for the world to know, and that PMW was the vehicle used to relay the message. I am happy they reversed a poor decision. Now, we have to go after Facebook for allowing incendiary postings.

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