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Kosher phone

The second auction of the fifth generation of cellular phone services in Israel is underway. Communications Minister Yoaz Handel presented this as the “highest surfing speed ever in Israel” and the expectation is that Israel will become one of the most advanced countries in the world in 5G coverage.

5th generation services enable ultra-fast data transfer rates with greater capacity, a higher level of reliability and lower latency, and enable new applications, new business models and new and innovative services in various industry sectors.


Generation 5 provides a solution to capacity problems and all this while improving the end user experience in several ways:

Ultra Broadband: the ability to provide very high speed for applications such as Internet access, video conferencing, augmented reality, and any other uses in the future.

Massive IoT: The ability to support communication between a huge number of components including devices, machines and sensors.

Mission Critical: The ability to support communications that are characterized by very high reliability and extremely short latency that allow for example industrial automation, new medical applications, safety and security measures and autonomous vehicles.

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