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Money counting device.

Israel’s Third Quarter of 2019 showed a rise of 4.1% in the country’s GDP calculated annually, compared with the Second Quarter of 2019, according to an announcement of the Central Bureau of Statistics..

The increase in GDP in the third quarter reflects increases in expenditure for private and public consumption and a decline in fixed asset investments and exports of goods and services.


The Third Quarter of 2019 showed an increase of 3.3% in GDP without taxes on imports.

A 3.7% increase in business GDP at base prices (excluding taxes on products and plus subsidies).

A 2.5% increase in private consumption expenditure.

A 5.4% increase in public consumption expenditure.

A 2.2% decrease in investment in fixed assets.

A 4.4% decrease in exports of goods and services not including diamonds and start-ups.

Imports of goods and services increased by 3.7%

This estimate is based on non-final and incomplete data sources; these estimates may be updated as the data are updated in the final few months of 2019.