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Karawan tahini

Israel’s chief rabbinate is revoking the kashrut certificates of food plants in the Palestinian Authority because of security limits on the access of supervisors to the plants, Army Radio reported Sunday.

Apparently, this is bad news for Israeli gourmet tahini consumers, who prize the Arab “real thing,” most notably the Hayona (Dove) Tahini, which is considered the very best — not only is it tasty and refined, it is also very easy to work with: if you’ve attempted to make your own tahini at home, you know that the faster you can turn the dense sesame paste into a lovely tahini sauce the better, and Hayona, we hear, is really malleable. It also “accepts lovingly” a variety of tastes, guaranteeing the chef’s success every time.


The owners of Hayona, Karawan, and several other Arab manufacturers in the PA have been keeping up their kashrut standards and kept the checks going to pay for the rabbinic certificates, but they could not stop the recent wave of terror which has been making it difficult for the mashgihim-kashrut supervisors to inspect their plants regularly.


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